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Center for Operations & Supply Chain Management

About the Centre:


 “It is not the products which compete but it is the supply chains which compete”. This statement concisely captures the importance and essence of Operations and Supply Chain Area. To make the learning and research more vibrant in this area, the “Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Management” (COSCM) has been established at FORE School of Management.


The Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Management (COSCM), is a multi-disciplinary research centre that focuses on developing and disseminating knowledge in operations and supply chain management, as well as advancing managerial practices. The primary mandate of the centre is to provide a collaborative and innovative platform for exchange in the area of Operations and Supply Chain Management in the form of panel discussions, research collaborations and seminars for the corporate, practitioners and academicians.




The centre members conduct scholarly and rigorous research projects using a mixture of methods including theory construction, modelling, testing and developing application-based tools by working closely with industry and other research organizations.


The research is focused in terms of Supply Chain Risks, Sustainable Supply Chain, Transportation and Logistics, Service Operations, Product Service Systems, Agri Supply Chain, Humanitarian Supply Chain, and Healthcare Supply Chain.


The research at COSCM aims to benefit students, academic researchers, policy and decision makers, management consultants, business managers, and the wider public.


Professor in-charge: Prof. Mohita Gangwar Sharma


Members: Prof. Vinaytosh Mishra


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Proposed panel Discussion: July 23,2018


MCDM Workshop: October 2018


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