Conference Themes
Conference Tracks/Themes:
  1. Business Sustainability: Challenges and Issues
  2. Environmental Sustainability: Challenges and Issues
  3. Resource Sustainability
  4. Sustainable Development : In Search of New Development Model
  5. Corporate Governance and Sustainability
  6. Social Responsibility of Business Entities in achieving Sustainability.
  7. Technology in Achieving Sustainability
  8. Government Perspectives on Sustainability.
Sub Themes
Aligning the above Tracks/Themes to business functions the following sub-themes may be looked at by the authors contributing a paper for presentation and possible publication.
  1. Sustainability for Next Business Wave
  2. Sustainability within the Supply Chain
  3. Carbon Emission: Market Opportunities
  4. Clean Development Mechanism: India Examples
  5. Resource Sustainability.
  6. Human and Institutional Capacity for Sustainability.
  7. Remodeling of Growth on Sustainable Development Principles
  8. Indiscriminate Growth: Undermining Nature’s Economy
  9. Corporate Governance and Sustainability-Challenges, Issues and a Road Ahead.
  10. CSR and Sustainable Development Models
  11. Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility - Creation of New Sustainable Industries
  12. Technological Innovations, Green Technology and Issues Related to ICT
  13. Government Perspectives on Sustainability.
  14. Information System, Education and Communication (IEC) for Development