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Prof. Sunita Daniel

PhD (Department of Mathematics and Statistics), IIT Kanpur; M.Phil. (Department of Mathematics), University of Madras; M.Sc.(Mathematics), B.Sc (Mathematics), University of Madras

Email :
Contact : 011-46485516
Total Years of Experience : 21 Years
Brief description of Experience :

Having been in teaching and research for over 21 years, she is passionate about her subject, and sharing it with others. Extremely versatile in her interests, her research has covered a wide range of topics, from abstract algebra to creating algorithms for designing curves during her PhD, even venturing into disease modelling and epidemiology.  She has also worked on a project sponsored by the National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM) at IIT Kanpur, during which she was part of a team which was working on developing computers as a teaching aid in Mathematics. 


After her PhD she was awarded a research project under the “DST Fast Track Young Scientist Scheme” which was carried out at JNU, New Delhi, during which time, she continued her work on developing algorithms for designing curves and surfaces. She has presented various research papers at international conferences held at Dubai, Malaysia, Turkey, China and Zurich, and has also published her research work in reputed international journals.


A teacher at heart, she has taught various courses over the years, often stepping out of her comfort zone, to teach unfamiliar subjects, such as financial modelling, biostatistics, statistical quality control etc. She has also guided students in small research projects within and outside the scope of their curriculum, instilling a love of research even in young hearts and minds.

Research Interest Areas :

Computer Aided Geometric Design, Mathematical Modelling of Non-Linear Dynamical Systems, Big Data and Big Data Analytics.

Consulting Interest Areas :

Mathematical Modelling, Optimisation Techniques, Statistics, Financial Modelling.

Selected Publications :

1. Sunita Daniel (2017) "A ternary Subdivision Scheme for Generating Trigonometric Splines and its Application to Geometric Modeling". IEEE Explore, Proceedings of 2017 International Conference on Infocom Technologies and Unmanned Systems, 1-6.
2. Nisha Budhwar and Sunita Daniel (2017) "Stability Analysis of a Human-Mosquito Model of Malaria with Infective Immigrants". International Journal of Mathematical, Computational, Physical, Electrical and Computer Engineering 11(2), 75-79 .
3. Nisha Budhwar and Sunita Daniel (2016) "An SEIR Model for Malaria with Infective Immigrants". Proceedings of the 3rdInternational Conference on Recent Developments in Science, Engineering and Technology, 243-252. 

4. Sunita Daniel and Abin Sam (2014) "Application of Curve Fitting in Indian Structures". Journal of Civil Engineering and Environmental Technology 1(3), 109-113.
5. Sunita Daniel and P. Shunmugaraj (2011) "Some Interpolating Non - Stationary Subdivision Schemes". IEEE Explore, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Computer Science and Society 2011, 400 – 404. 

6. Sunita Daniel and P. Shunmugaraj (2011) "A Convolution Formula for Normalized Trigonometric B-spline and its Application to Geometric Modelling". IEEE Explore, Fourth International Conference on Information and Computing 2011, 73-76.
7. Sunita Daniel and P. Shunmugaraj (2010) "A Ternary Four Point Subdivision Scheme with a Tension Parameter for Geometric Modelling". Proceedings of the International Conference on Modelling Simulation and Control 2010, 128-132. 

8. Sunita Daniel and P. Shunmugaraj (2010) "An Extended Three Point Approximating Scheme". IEEE Explore, Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Design and Applications 2010 2, 73-77.
9. Sunita Daniel and P. Shunmugaraj (2009) "An Interpolating 6-Point C2 Non-Stationary Subdivision Scheme". Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 230, 164-172
10. Sunita Daniel and P. Shunmugaraj (2009) "An Approximating C2 Non-Stationary Subdivision Scheme". Computer Aided Geometric Design 26, 810-821

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