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FORE organizes inter-collegiate case study event Tathagat 8.0.

29th September 2016

The Think-Tank Team of FORE School of Management, New Delhi organized an intercollegiate case study event, Tathagat 8.0, the case-study based event that gives students a chance to put their strategic hat on, gauge current market scenario of a particular industry, analyze trends, identify the problems and give relevant solutions. Participating students represented some of India’s best known colleges like IIT Roorkee, IMI, and FMS. After the elimination rounds, seven teams were able to make the cut for the event.

The theme of the event was 'Origin of HMD Global OY'. The jury panel for the final round of the event, held on 5th of September consisted of three renowned corporate leaders: Tarun Mudgal - Senior Account Director, Strategic Accounts (Telecom) at Gartner Advisory; Pankaj Jha- Vice President, Consumer & Business Insights at Tata Teleservices Ltd. and Garima Verma - Senior Human Resource Manager at Tata Teleservices Ltd. 

For the final round, teams were allotted 10 minutes for a presentation on a case study 'The Revival of Nokia', which was followed by an interactive Q&A session with the judges. Teams presented various strategies on how Nokia can be a market leader once again, including ideas on targeting various market segments like Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z. In addition, teams showed how perceptual mapping can be used for segmentation and drafted the financials of their marketing and advertising strategies. All of these strategies made a strong impression on the judges. Counter questions from the panel, such as points of differentiation, how and which competition eliminating strategies can benefit Nokia, and which technology will actually help Nokia grow its business were confidently answered by the participants.


Tarun Mudgal, also an alumnus of FORE School (Batch 2008-10) shared: "The feeling of coming back to the place where it all started is always good. Students today are much better versed and aware of the market, which is impressive. A little more focus on innovation would take them ahead and make them stand out."


The teams from IMI and FMS won the competition. Such events not only prepare the students for the real world but also leave them with food for thought and a grain for the brain. FSM is proud of its Think-Tank team, which helped organize such a stimulating event. 


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