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Prof. Asif Zameer, Chair (Executive Education) at FORE School of Management says that the fundamental proposition remains the same as they introduce world class online programmes

1st May 2017, Prof. Asif Zameer, Chair (Executive Education) at FORE School of Management says that the fundamental proposition remains the same as they introduce world class online programmes

Though FORE School of Management is known as a leading B-school today, FORE as a society started in 1981 with an exclusive focus on Management Development Programmes and consultancy for corporates. FORE School of Management came much later in 1992 when PGDM programmes started. Executive Education (EE) and MDP’s are part of our DNA and integral to our history. Today, Executive Education Programmes/MDP’s are an integral part of the academic calendar at FORE School of Management.


We believe that Executive Education Programmes further professional goals and attitudes of management professionals. These short programmes are one of the most effective ways through which management professionals can keep abreast of the latest developments in their fields and obtain the skill sets to keep them relevant in the ever-changing business environment.


At FORE, we do our own benchmarking with the best B-schools and keep track of industry trends to understand the contemporary topics and techniques in Executive Education Programmes/MDPs. On industry trends, we have regular interactions with working professionals at various fora, which helps us to understand the training needs of today’s businesses. Our faculty, who are experts in various domains, work out the topics for Executive Education/MDPs at the start of the academic year, keeping in mind their relevance for the present times.


The success that FORE has seen in the Executive Education (EE) space is the result, first and foremost, of the highly-qualified faculty members we have here. They come with the right blend of academic expertise, industry exposure and research. Their strength as trainers is reflected by the consistently high ratings they get from Executive Development Pogarammes participants. Secondly, we have a dedicated Executive Education Programmes team, which looks after the marketing and proper execution of Executive Education Programmes.


A side benefit of faculty members teaching in Executive Education (EE) is that the interaction with professionals provides them with insights that they can use for teaching PGDM students.


Our successful track record does not mean we rest easy on our laurels. We are widening the scope and scale of our EE by aggressively targeting the domain of Executive Education. For that, we have already started delivering long duration certificate programmes. Additionally, and in keeping with the times, we are going into the online delivery mode in addition to classroom teaching. A good example of FORE Executive Education Programmes moving with the times is the online course in Big Data and Data Analytics. This course is conducted in collaboration with University of California, Riverside Extension, USA. This online course has been designed to deliver the application and analytical skills for using big data in the most beneficial ways for corporates. Online programs allow professionals anywhere in the world to benefit. This is a real-time online course where the faculty delivers the content from a studio and all the enrolled participants log in to their laptops at the appointed time. The pedagogy involves lectures, hands-on exercises, practice sessions and assignments. The delivery of the course and related material is through a comprehensive Online Learning Platform.


Even with all these modern tools and constant improvements, the fundamental value proposition of FORE’s EE remains the same. Our objective is to ensure that candidates enhance their technical skills, soft skills, and attitude towards their jobs. Our EE/MDPs equip them to deal with the demands of the modern work environment and fast track their careers.


Prof. Asif Zameer is the Chair (Executive Education) at FORE School of Management, New Delhi.

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