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Want to put your best foot forward during the placement process? Studying about employers is the key, says Shashwat, who got placed with Relaxo Footwears

Being a part of an army family, Shashwat Drivedi moved around the country during school years. He feels this helped him adapt to different challenges in life. After completing Mechanical and Automation Engineering, it was time for a challenge of another kind. Shashwat had to put down his roots while broadening his horizons at the same time. FORE School of Management, New Delhi offered him just the right platform for all-round growth. Not only did he build a solid foundation in latest industry practices but, through initiatives like ‘FOREConnect’, - The Student PR Club at FORE, he grew in confidence. Summer internship in Sales with United Biscuits set him up nicely for the final placements. He has got placed with Relaxo Footwears Ltd. as a Management Trainee at a package of INR 12.4 LPA. We speak to a relaxed Shashwat, who is raring to go and seems to have the world at his feet.


What was your first reaction when you heard you were chosen for the job?

I felt ecstatic! I could only think about my parents, because they have sacrificed so much to help me pursue my academic dreams. There have been ups and downs but they have always been my source of strength. Being from an army family, I didn’t have the privilege of always having my parents around. But the values they taught me have made me who I am today. After getting the news of my placement, I called my brother. I could make out the pride in his voice.


What was the selection process like for Relaxo Footwears Ltd.? How was your experience?

The selection process comprised initial screening, GD, and interviews. I was well-versed with the company background and industry figures. Understanding the pulse of the market and working for customers is something I stressed upon. I shared my passion to work for the company. I made good use of the learning in classroom to demonstrate I knew what I was talking about. And, for that, I have to thank my teachers at FORE.


Can you elaborate on that? How exactly did faculty members at FORE enhance your knowledge base?

The faculty team at FORE School of Management has wide industry experience. Right from the start of the program they tried to keep us abreast with industry practices and how things are done in the corporate world. Thanks to our teachers, my learning was never confined to only textbooks. This meant I was fully prepared for the placement interview. At FORE there are many avenues to grow as a professional and an individual.


What are some of these initiatives and platforms that were instrumental in your transformation?

I have gained a lot through the program. Completing the assignments and presentations taught me about time management and teamwork. As part of FOREConnect, I had the opportunity to interact with students from different B-Schools and future aspirants. While enhancing confidence, this dramatically improved my people skills.


How did your internship experience impact your performance during the placement process?

I would say it was the key to my performance in many ways. I interned with United Biscuits, where I worked in Sales. It helped me understand how things worked at the ground level. I could use that experience to my advantage during the placement interview. I wanted to pursue MBA to gain business acumen and insights about organizations, so that I could seamlessly integrate with the corporate culture. The internship proved to be a real-life rehearsal, preparing me for the road ahead.


Now that you are set for the actual professional innings with Relaxo Footwears Ltd., what will your key responsibilities be and how do you intend to make your mark?

As a Management Trainee with the company, I will be responsible for driving sales through different distribution channels. Throughout my life, I have tried to imbibe discipline and integrity from my parents. I will rely on these two qualities at my workplace to make the right impression. Having done research on my employers during the placement process, I have an advantage. It’s important to be prepared, because homework is the key.

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