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Vishal Dhiman

Vishal Dhiman of FORE School of Management scripts a dream journey: from starting a fitness business venture to getting placed with Maruti Suzuki


FORE School of Management, New Delhi ensured Vishal Dhiman got ample opportunities to learn through success and failure. Important life lessons that, in many ways, helped him build his character. The B. Tech. graduate from Rohtak with a sports background enrolled with the B-School to gain insights into the business world. Vishal has already combined his two passions – fitness and business – with his venture Alpha Nutrition. But working in the automobile industry remained his dream. Come placement season and Vishal was able to make an impression on one of the biggest names in the automobile industry. He now looks forward to working with Maruti Suzuki India Limited as a Territory Sales Manager at an attractive CTC of 12.4 lakhs per annum. Here he shares how his B-School helped him achieve his career aspirations.


Can you describe your first reaction when you came to know about your placement with Maruti Suzuki India Limited?

I was so thrilled that I didn’t know whether to leap in the air or hug everyone around me. My happiness was multiplied because Maruti Suzuki India Limited had visited our campus for placements in the summer and at that time I couldn’t make it past the first round. I had worked very hard to try to make myself the perfect candidate for the automobile industry and the efforts paid off. I was thinking of my parents, because their hard work was twice mine during this journey.


What was the placement process like and what did you do differently to impress your employers?

The selection process started with an online test for aptitude and logical reasoning. It was followed by group discussion and personal interview. I had prepared myself with mock online tests and GD–PI sessions with Personality Enhancement Cell (PEC), which helped a lot. My interview was unusual because it lasted only five minutes but largely revolved around my sports background. I was asked how sports can help in building character. I kept in mind two things during the interview: (a) storytelling makes your answers compelling so that the interviewer doesn’t lose interest and (b) short and simple answers are effective (I tried to answer within 60 seconds).


How did the training at FORE School of Management prepare you for the corporate world?

I had decided to pursue MBA because I wanted to understand the business world from the ground up. FORE School of Management has shaped both my business knowledge and my fitness consulting firm Alpha Nutrition. I have managed to learn from my successes and failures during the programme. The exposure from participating in various cultural and business events gave me plenty of opportunities to improve as an individual and a professional.


How significant was your internship experience in your grooming as a professional?

I would say it was instrumental. My summer internship involved Sales and Marketing with Borosil Glass Works Limited. It helped me to understand and implement classroom learning. During my placement interview, I could answer some questions by relating experiences during my internship. In sum, it was an enriching engagement that taught me a lot about the corporate world.


Now that you will be joining the industry, what is your strategy to make an impression at the workplace?

As Territory Sales Manager with Maruti Suzuki India Limited, I will interact with dealers in a specific area. Since I will have to monitor all the activities at specific centres, I believe my workplace will be a dynamic learning environment. Maruti Suzuki India Limited is the perfect place to launch one’s corporate career. Since it is my first job, I will focus on learning and (grow) or (be growing) growing in a challenging environment.


What would be your advice to juniors who want to get a foothold in the automobile industry?

One thing I am going to really miss about being at FORE School of Management is the learning that happens through peer experience. To my juniors, I would say that you shouldn’t rush into anything but take time to work on yourself and get feedback from your peers. If you want to work in the automobile sector, you need to keep yourself abreast with the latest developments through newspapers, books, magazines, and online platforms. And remember, worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its troubles, but it surely empties today of its strengths.

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