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Nachiketa Madaan

Chemistry graduate Nachiketa Madaan on exploring new career avenues amidst a diverse batch of PGDM students.


Nachiketa Madaan graduated in Chemistry (Hons.) from Miranda House in Delhi. She believes this added considerable value to her knowledge base. Yet Nachiketa also felt she needed to grow further as an individual. She thought a PGDM programme would fill that gap. Thankfully she didn’t have to look far – she got selected for the programme at FORE School of Management, New Delhi. Nachiketa asserts it’s a new start, something she wants to build on. “I believe the path to success through Chemistry is a lot longer than an application-based programme like PGDM. I feel it is the right fit for me, as it will be ideal for my all-round development.”



Once Nachiketa had made the decision to pursue a PGDM programme, the renowned B-School in the National Capital seemed like the obvious choice. She received positive feedback from a relative, an alumnus of FORE School of Management. But she remains clear about the reasons behind enrolling with the institute. “First, the various committees for special interest groups can polish my leadership qualities. Then, the FMG curriculum has a compulsory foreign language course in the second year. The International Immersion Programme, where you get a taste of studying in a foreign environment, was another big attraction.”


Classroom diversity and its advantages

Nachiketa’s batch comprises students from diverse educational backgrounds. It leads to interesting conversations not only on campus but also in the classroom. She remembers several occasions when her batch mates would have completely unique and fresh takes on case studies in the classroom. It would invariably start a highly stimulating and enriching discussion. “Diversity is crucial for consistent growth of all students. I remember, once we had to create a new augmented product for a Marketing project. Being part of a team of six with completely different backgrounds helped us take care of all aspects of the product launch.”


Focus on future goals

Nachiketa believes her B-School is polishing different aspects of her personality through various initiatives. For her, one of the highlights of the programme so far has been the committee selection process. She admits it was stressful and hectic but that it also helped to bring out her true potential, which might have otherwise remained untapped. “I am learning something new every day. I am also learning things about myself and seeing an all-round change in me. At the end, I feel I will be ready for a strong corporate career. I want to pursue Finance as my major and Marketing as minor, as I see myself as an Investment Banker in future.”

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