International ConfErence on
a strategic alliance for global trade
22nd March 2013
Man Singh Road, New Delhi
Organised by
brics chamber of commerce & industry
in partnership with
fore school of management
The contemporary global order is witnessing an increase in the number of economic congregations and inter-governmental organisations. The congregation of Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS) is one such initiative which is destined to play a significant role in global governance and multilateral rule-making.
AIM of Conference
The aim of the conference is to provide an interdisciplinary platform for researchers from academia, industry and policy makers to present perspectives on BRICS countries for its inclusive growth and to enable the participants develop an understanding of the interconnected nature of Geopolitics, International Relations and International Business.
The Conference is designed specifically to focus on strategic, economic, commercial and technical issues to promote international business and trade with emerging economies like BRICS and others. The Conference is not only relevant to partners from BRICS but to representatives from other countries too.