International ConfErence on
a strategic alliance for global trade
Preliminary Conference Structure
Friday, 22nd March 2013
9.30-10.00 am Registration
10.00-10.20 am Welcome Address
Conference Opening Remarks
10.20-10.50 am Keynote Address
10.50-10.55 am Vote of Thanks
10.55-11.15 am Morning Tea break
11.15-12.30 pm Session I: BRICS- Opportunities and Challenges
  1. How strong are the BRICS? An Economic Overview
  1. Milestone and growth of Business and trade with BRICS
  1. Policy initiatives for inclusive global growth
12.30-1.45 pm Session II: BRICS and Competitive Advantage to its Partner
  1. Potential Impacts of BRICS Membership on Trade & Investment
  1. The Power of BRICS in the Global Trade and Inclusive Growth
  1. New business opportunities after BRICS
1.45-2.30 pm LUNCH
2.30-3.45 pm Session III: Strategy for Development Bank and Uniform Currency
  1. Issues and challenges with formation of BRICS Development Bank
  1. The benefits with Uniform Currency-Analyzing the Macroeconomic Impact Within and Across
  1. Government support and leadership role
3.45-4.00 pm Afternoon Tea
4.00-5.15 pm Session IV: BRICS in 2020
  1. BRICS Model for World Inclusive Growth
  1. Trade and Business Prospects with BRICS and power of influence in World Trade
  1. Possibilities of expansion: Indonesia-set to join the BRICS?
5.15-5.30 Closing Remarks