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  • Event Name: TEDxFORESchool 2021 | March, 2021
  • Event Description:

    The co-existence of the Sun, trees, wind, water, and all living things can be attributed to an invisible knot that not only binds us all together but helps us sustain.

    Now, imagine an ocean of such knots, one tied to another in perpetuity and each of these knots representing a diverse range of inexplicable connections varying from the relation between an atom and the universe to the knot a little girl has with her puppy. From the possibility of a catastrophe to a butterfly flapping its wings. From science and History to Art and Business. From everything we understand to everything, we are yet to. From the first-ever bacteria to the most advanced technology available today. The presence and magnitude of such knots can be felt now more than ever as we begin to realize the impact, our individual actions have on the overall ecosystem we live in.

    It is these knots that we collectively share, that are helping us fight the pandemic. It is these knots that dictate our past, define our present, and guide our future. It is these knots that are inescapable, inexplicable, and in some way, sacred.

  • Theme: Knotted
  • Date and Time: 20th March, 2021 | 15:00 onwards
  • Venue: YouTube live
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