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  • Event Name: TEDxFORESchool 2022 | April, 2022
  • Event Description:

    Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered how the innumerable clouds up there came into existence? For most of us, the answer is probably a NO, for our own respective reasons. It is only through the falling rain, that we become aware of their existence. And such is the norm widespread since the start of human civilization – we celebrate the final results while the efforts that go into them often go unnoticed.

    When we shift our focus to look “behind the curtains”, widening our horizon, we subject ourselves to a set of new questions – How do we evolve from our self-centred nature to evolve into a helping hand for our society leading to a better tomorrow? Did new species of flora and fauna exist since the beginning of time or have been though innumerable mutations? How do our inspirations from different walks of life overcome their own obstacles and influence generations? And many more.

    It is never too late to pursue your dreams and mutate into your better selves. But this does not happen overnight. Eventually, what comes to the spotlight are the results while the efforts and dedication gets hidden behind the clouds. Becoming the best in the business that too while facing the hurdles of life takes a lot of courage and determination. Through our theme “Clouded Mutation” we want to appreciate these efforts that remain in oblivion.

  • Theme: Clouded Mutation
  • Date and Time: 09th April, 2022
  • Venue: Virajam Auditorium, FORE School of Management, New Delhi
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