• Event Name: TEDxFORESchool 2024 | 9th March, 2024
  • Event Description:

    At TEDxFORESchool, we are dedicated to furthering our mission of disseminating Ideas Worth Spreading, with a focus on fostering diverse thinking to inspire and cultivate the creative potential within our local community. We are thrilled to reveal our plans for a full-day institute event in 2024, hosting up to 100 brilliant minds. The focal point for this year's gathering will be "Parikalpanam," a phrase open to diverse interpretations, and we look forward to sharing our unique perspective on it.

    "Parikalpanam" in Sanskrit translates to "Imagination," the driving force behind creation and innovation. It is the fertile ground for ideas that shape our world, enabling us to envision possibilities beyond the ordinary. This event allows diverse individuals to share stories, insights, and dreams, fostering open dialogue and collaboration. Embracing the spirit of Parikalpanam, it explores the power of imagination in driving innovation, impacting social change, and solving global challenges. The theme emphasizes the importance of nurturing a culture that values imagination, pushing boundaries and envisioning a world shaped by bold and inventive concepts.

  • Date and Time: 9th March, 2024
  • Venue: Virajam Auditorium, FORE School of Management, New Delhi
  • Link to Register:
  • How to attend:
    1. Go to Unstop site.
    2. Search TEDxFORESchool and register for the event
    3. Complete the payment
    4. Receive the ticket
    5. Attend the event on 9th March 2024 at FORE School of Management.
  • For any query regarding the registration process, please reach out to:

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