Our Activities

Centre Activities in the past:

A Panel Discussion was organized on August 29, 2019 for FMG-27 and IMG-12 students on the theme ‘Conceptualisation to Realisation of Train 18-Vande Bharat Express”. The Panel Speaker was Mr. Sudhanshu Mani EX-GM, ICF Chennai . The talk was an inspiring discussion revolving around India’s first semi-high speed train’s conceptualization to realization within a limited time span. It is one of the stars of India Make in India campaign. Issues regarding Technology Adoption and management were discussed and how can India leapfrog in the area of technology.

A panel discussion on Atmanirbhar: A sectoral assessment under the Centre for Operations and Supply Chain (COSCM) was organised on 10/10/2020.

Given the changing geo-political scenario , it is imperative that we become self reliant. The focus of Atmanirbhar as given by the Government is to be on Intent, Inclusion, Investment, Infrastructure and Innovation. The pandemic has only widened the faults which were already there in the Supply Chain Topography.

How the post pandemic world will be and how our industries shall reconfigure the supply chain was discussed in an extremely exciting and insightful discussion . Sectoral experts from the Pharmaceutical Industry Dr. Romi Barat Singh, Electronics Sector Ms. Vandana Shrivastava and from the Aerospace Sector Ms. Suparna Kapoor, gave valuable insights on the topic. The pharmaceutical industry has been in the focus from the beginning of the pandemic and has been in top gear. The world is looking towards India for solutions for the COVID issue. The Aerospace industry with its long gestation and life cycle has developed an ecosystem which can enable it to leapfrog but a collaborative public and private ecosystem will be an enabler with focus on research in pure sciences. Electronics industry which is burgeoning has a lot of FDI coming from the bigwigs like Apple and Samsung have been keen to be in India closer to the market.

The Organisations have to accelerate into the growth orbital by remaining focussed in the changing and challenging times.