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ABOUT FSM Hackathon

The Fore School of Management is set to host the most significant technical FSM Hackathon. Come and be a part of history as we unite to shatter limits and redefine possibilities at the inaugural Hackathon event in FSM. Harness the force of creativity and the essence of collaboration as we chart a course towards a more promising future. Mark your calendars for 7 th March '24 . Let's embark on the hackathon journey together, where innovation knows no bounds!

Join us in dismantling barriers and surpassing limits at FSM's inaugural FSM Hackathon event. Fueled by innovation and a sense of community, together we will forge a path towards a brighter future.

This initiative precedes the National Hackathon, orchestrated by the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell (MIC) in partnership with the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), which will take place at designated centers throughout the nation. The Hackathon was open to all students pursuing their Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees in all domains.

The event was structured into three distinct rounds to facilitate a comprehensive evaluation of participants. This process enabled us to effectively assess and discern students' capabilities, subsequently identifying and advancing those with eligibility and remarkable innovation to the subsequent rounds.

Step into the world of FSM hackathon, where the intersection of innovation and collaboration takes center stage. Within our vibrant community, you'll find a collective of thinkers, creators, and solution enthusiasts committed to driving positive change through the transformative power of technology. FSM hackathon caters to individuals passionate about various domains, whether it's coding, design, or entrepreneurship. Regardless of your experience level, it offers something uniquely enriching for everyone, from seasoned hackers to first-time participants. Engage in coding challenges, design sprints, and entrepreneurship workshops, tailored to foster your growth and success. Join us in uniting the brightest minds and most daring ideas to tackle real-world challenges head-on.


Empowering Students : Pre Event FSM Hackathon Workshops Successfully Completed for College Students







Problem Statements

Details of counselling and De-Addiction interventions provided to the beneficiaries at facilities supported by MoSJE is not available on a single platform, which could help in analysis of patient-wise, center- wise or State- wise details of services provided, beneficiaries reached and other relevant details
Right to education is key concern for government and at school level; drop out ratio is high due to poverty and social, economic reasons. If government have drop out student analysis on following different categories, it will be very useful in framing different policies. 1. School wise 2. Area wise 3. Gender wise 4. Caste wise 5. Age/standard wise Expected Output: Focused interventions on the high dropout rateserit, enim eiusmod high life accusamus terry richardson ad squid.
PG dissertation is the partial requirement for the fulfillment of Pg degree. During 1st year of post graduation, student select PG dissertation topic and carry out research under supervision of PG guide and submit dissertation during final year of evaluation. The following are the major steps of the dissertation: Selection of topics: 1. As per the thrust ideas of research of a particular department. 2. Maintaining student guide ratio. 3. To avoid duplication. Approvals and ethical issues. Monitoring research progress. Evaluation of dissertation. Publication if any,out of dissertation research. Maintenance of database of all dissertations under various categories with search option. With holding of university final year results in case of disapproval of PG dissertation. Managing and monitoring all the above aspects throughout the country maybe a herculean task. An application to ease the process and improve the quality of research is essential.
Persons with disabilities in our country, despite the progress happening on accessibility,education, skills development, and employment, still face many challenges, especially in the employment phase of life that promotes inclusion in the family and society. Enhancing vocational training and employment prospects for people with disabilities is essential and there are efforts happening at the National level that has to end up in employment that fetches significant economic benefits and dignified life for them.
Ideate and implement a system to enhance the quality of education in rural areas. The aim of the system should not only focus on increasing the literacy rate but also should assist to elevate the communication skills and knowledge of the targeted society. The system should offer : * Study materials and mentor access. * Monitoring skill progress * Bridge the digital divide * Provide information about grants, loans and incentives. * Offer connectivity to financially disadvantage patrons. * Help individuals with employment opportunities. * Research and development * Access to material resources
Designing of dashboards for Real-time monitoring of Construction projects using IOT devices and backend Artificial intelligence/ML tools to track Resources in the form of equipment/manpower, monitor their efficiency and safety in all situations.

About FORE School of Management, New Delhi

Foundation for Organisational Research and Education (FORE) is committed to the advancement of Management Education, Research, Training and Consultancy. Incorporated in 1981, as a non-profit institution, FORE has been working with industry and academia for developing new domains of managerial thought and education and contributing to building leaders in today's global business environment.

Located in the heart of South Delhi, FSM provides contextual learning and helps in the development of students as thinking professionals, who have the ability to meet the future challenges of tomorrow's corporate leaders. The programmes develop multiple skills including managerial decision-making, problem-solving, analytical reasoning, communications, creativity and innovation.

FSM takes pride in its professional and high-quality faculty, modern infrastructure, technology and resources- be it in the fields of General Management, Human Resource, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Information Technology, Economics and International Business.

ABOUT Special Interest Group for Analytics (SIGnalytics)

SIGnalytics at FORE School of Management, Delhi, is the go-to platform for data enthusiasts. With a focus on skill development in analytics, the committee organizes a series of workshops and seminars throughout the year, preparing students to be industry-ready with meaningful insights from data.


Hackathons foster innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving skills among students. They provide a platform for experiential learning, allowing participants to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. Additionally, hackathons promote networking opportunities, creativity, and the development of practical solutions, preparing students for future challenges in their careers.

Event Advisors

Prof. Subir Verma

Prof. Sanghamitra Buddhapriya
Dean (Academics)

Prof. Shilpi Jain
(Area Chair-IT)

Prof. Ashok Kumar Harnal
(Information Technology)

Our Mentors

Prof. Saurabh Mittal
Faculty BDA, IT

Prof. Amarnath Mitra
Faculty BDA, IT


Venue 1

Adhitam Kendra, B 18, NRPC Colony, Block B, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110016

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Organising Team

Vartika Sharma
Committee Coordinator


Sunil Kumar Jaggi
Committee Co Coordinator


members and organising team

Aahan Malik, Abhishek Madaan, Animesh Sharma, Prakriti Nagpal, Ishaan Aggarwal , Hritik Chauhan , Lakshit Bhattacharya , Sanskriti Bahl , Himanshi Saxena , Vrinda Aggarwal , Shantanu Suresh Bharvirkar, Jasleen kaur Chadha

Team SIGnalytics


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FORE School of Management

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