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Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) Annual Activity Report 2022-23 By Prof. Anita Tripathy Lal (Prof-in-Charge, CED FORE)

The Center for Entrepreneurship Development has organized twelve activities in the year 2022-23. All these activities were conducted for Participants within and from outside FORE. The activities have been listed below:

Sl. No Category of Activity & Duration Speakers/ Jury Members
( External & Internal)
Date/s Activities Conducted Online/FORE
1 Half Day Webinar-VC’s Pitch for Start-ups 1 External & 1 Internal
Mr. Sandeep Dalal (AVP Strategic Business Relationship,
VVDN Technologies, California & FORE Alumnus)
Prof. Anita Lal (Prof. In-charge, CED FORE )
April 06, 2022 Online
2 4 Half Day Seminar on Start-up Stories
4 External & 1 Internal
Mr. Vivek Srivastava ( Jt. Managing Director, Innocean, India)
Mr. Pramit J. Nathan (Director, Creative Inc. & FOREpreneur)
Ms. Neha Bharti (Founder, Swadha Agri Pvt. Ltd
Mr. Tarun Bansal ( Marketing Lead, mFiltrIt & FOREpreneur)
Aug 24, 2022 @FORE
3 Four Half Day Workshops on” Idea Generation to Business Plan”
3. Idea Generation
4. Opportunity Evaluation
5. Business Model
6. Business Plan
Internal -Prof. In Charge, CED & 3 Other In- house Faculty
1.Idea Generation (Prof. Anita Lal)
2.Opportunity Evaluation (Prof. Anita Lal)
3.Business Model (Prof. Anita Lal)
4.Business Plan
-Operational Plan by Prof. Veepan Kumar (Operations Area, FORE)
-Marketing Plan by Prof. Pramod Chandra (Marketing Area, FORE)
-Financial Plan by Prof. Tarun Soni (Finance Area, FORE)
-How to Write a Business Plan by Prof. Anita Lal (Prof-in-Charge, CED FORE)
Sept 07, 08 & 09 2022 @FORE
7 Half Day Live Entrepreneurship Case Workshop 3 & 1 Internal
Mr. Ritesh Gandecha (Head – Sales and Business Development & FOREpreneur)
Mr. Aditya Joshi (Head – Marketing & FOREpreneur)
Mr. Deepak Agrawal (Head – Research and Consulting)
Prof. Anita Lal (Prof-in-Charge, CED FORE)
Sept 13, 2022 Hybrid
8 IDEATHON ‘22 7 External & 1 Internal
Mr. Jai Bhardwaj (Edupreneur; Regional Manager, D2L Asia Pte Ltd.)
Er. Dolly Bhasin (Founder, SmartEdge – A platform for Innovators & MD, SPH Consultancy and Eservices Pvt. Ltd.)
Dr. Vikas Rajput Rajput (Educator & Digital Marketer, Director - Parallel Living Research and Consulting Pvt. Ltd.)
Prof. Neera Pal (Assistant Professor – BMS Department, Ram Lal Anand College, University of Delhi)
Mr. Gourav Aggarwal (Start-up Mentor & Doctoral Scholar, IIT Delhi)
Ms. Shalini Hasija (Sales Effectiveness Lead - MEA, TBO.com & FORE Alumna)
Mr. Amartya Chakraborty (Key Account Manager, Signify & FORE Alumnus)
Prof. Anita Lal (Prof-in-Charge, CED FORE)
Sept 17, 2022 Online
9 Half Day Seminar on Funding Start-ups 5 External & 1 Internal
Mr. Sandro Stephen (Vice President, Indian Angel Network)
Mr. Arif Amirani (Chief Technical Officer at Cashflo)
Mr. Sanjay Sarma (Founder at SSARMA Consults & FOREpreneur)
Mr. Vinay Raizada (Co-Founder at Carafewerk)
Mr. Dheeraj Vasishth (Co-Founder at Carafewerk)
Prof. Anita Lal (Prof-in-Charge, CED FORE)
Sept 23, 2022 Hybrid
10 Intra Institute Business Plan Pitch –FOREMost ‘22 3 External & 1 Internal
1.Prof. (Dr.) Neelam Saxena (Professor & Head - Amity Centre for Entrepreneurship Development)
2.Prof. Dr. Deepak Pandit (Chair Professor - Innovation & Entrepreneurship, BML Munjal University)
3.Mr. Rajesh Mehta (International Business Leader, Renowned Columnist & FORE Alumnus)
Prof. Anita Lal (Prof-in-Charge, CED FORE)
Sept 30, 2022 Online
11 Baczar - Selling Activity - GENESIS (12 Hours) 3 Internal
Prof. Rakhi Tripathi (IT Area, FORE)
Prof. Mukul Joshi (Strategy Area, FORE)
Prof. Roopesh Kaushik (Economics Area, FORE)
Nov 18 & 19, 2022 Physical
12 CONCOT -Inter Institute Business Plan Competition- GENESIS (6 Hours) 2 External & 1 Internal
Mr. Vidya Bhushan (Co-Founder, Daalchini Technologies),
Mr. Kavindra Taliyan (CEO, Atal Incubation Centre, Steering Committee, Ministry of Communication, Govt. of India)
Prof. Rajesh Sikka (Operations Area, FORE)
Nov 19, 2022 Hybrid

Professional Services & Activities Undertaken by CED Prof-in-Charge –Prof. Anita Tripathy Lal

1. April 30, 2022- Felicited by WEE Foundation @FIIT, IIT Delhi with the prestigious Award “Woman of Wonder” for outstanding contribution towards Mentoring the WEE Women Entrepreneurs since their inception in 2016. The Award was presented to her by the Ambassador of Israel in India, His Excellency Mr. Naor Gilon during WEE Foundation’s flagship Entrepreneurship Event in partnership with the Embassy of Israel.

2. In April 2022, the Reviewed Course Book on Managing New Ventures for IMT CDL got published (ISBN: 978-81-954637-7-0)
3. May 18-19, 2022, Conducted a FDP on Entrepreneurship Development for Faculty from other Management Institutes.
4. May 29, 2022- Mentored the “6th Batch of 24 WEE Entrepreneurs” of WEE Foundation@ IIT Delhi.
5. June-11, 2022-Felicitated by UPAY-NGO for Mentoring Social Entrepreneurs on Presentation Skills
6. July 19, 2022- Expert Jury in the Elevator Pitch of WEE Entrepreneurs for DST Funding” at IIT Delhi.
7. August 19, 2022- Second CED Advisory Committee Meeting conducted and have circulated the Minutes of the Meeting.
8. November 07, 2022-Integrated Command and Control Centers (ICCC) Mentor in Smart Cities Mission, a flagship initiative under Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Government of India, with a purpose to drive economic growth and improve quality of life of people by enabling local area development and harnessing technology, especially smart solutions that leads to smart outcomes.
9. December 14, 2022- Mentored a group of Smart City Officials to develop Standard Operating Procedures and Business Model to optimise the use of ICCCs for ensuring sustainable excellence in the “Workshop on Sustainability of ICCCs” for all 100 smart cities Officials.
10. January 2023-April 2023- “Technical Advisory Committee Member” of the Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Society Conference at BMU on April 27-28,2023.
11. Since August 2021-Empanelled as Start-up Advisor with National Entrepreneurship Network Wadhwani Programs
12. Since January 2022-Advisory Board Member in SWADHA Agri Pvt Ltd
13. Have 4 Citations for my Research Paper –Women Entrepreneurs in India –Over the years! (Source Research Gate March 2023)
14. Connected two Start-ups with Investors and Incubation facility
15. Have Identified Organization & Entrepreneurs and initiated preliminary discussions for Professional Collaboration to strengthen the Entrepreneurial ecosystem at FORE
16. Coached 10 Students in preparing Business Plans for Inter Institute Competitions
17. Coached 2 Alumni in preparing Business Plans for Starting their Enterprises
18. Forwarded Companies looking for Summer Internship and recruitments to Placement Office

Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) Activities Calendar 2021-22

The Center for Entrepreneurship Development has organized Nine activities till date in the year 2021-22 for participants from FORE & outside the FORE ecosystem and plans to conduct Four more Activities. The activities have been cited below:

Sl. No Category of Activity & Duration Speakers/ Jury Members
( External & Internal)
Date Activities Conducted/ Proposed Venue- Online/
Webinar on Success of Start-ups ( 3 Hours) 3-5 External & 1 Internal Oct 08, 2021 Conducted Online
4 Half Day Workshops on Idea Generation to Business Plan ( 12 Hours)
2. Idea Generation
3. Opportunity Evaluation
4. Business Model
5. Business Plan
Internal -Prof. In Charge, CED & Other In house Faculty Oct 27, 28 & 29 2021 Conducted Online
Live Entrepreneurship Case Discussion 2 & 1 Internal Nov 09, 2021 Conducted Online
Ideathon ( 6 Hours) 3 External & 1 Internal Nov 13, 2021 Conducted Online
Webinar on Funding Start-ups (3 Hours) 3 External & 1 Internal Nov 18, 2021 Conducted Online
Intra Institute Business Plan* Competition (6 Hours) 3 External & 1 Internal Nov 25, 2021 Conducted Online
Round Table of FOREpreneurs (2-3 Hours) 4 External & 1 Internal Feb 26, 2022 Conducted Online
Baczar - Selling Activity/ Escape Rooms - GENESIS (3-6 Hours) 3-5 External & 1 Internal March, 2022 Proposed Online/At FORE
Inter Institute Business Plan** Competition- GENESIS ( 3-6 Hours) 3-5 External & 1 Internal March, 2022 Proposed Online/At FORE
Hackathon- 3/ 5 Full days (Entrepreneurship Week ) 5-7 External & 1 Internal March, 2022 Proposed Online/At FORE

Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) Activities Report 2020-21

The Center for Entrepreneurship Development has organized twelve activities in the year 2020-21. Ten of them are Intra Institute and two are Inter Institute Activities. The activities have been cited below:

  1. Half-Day Webinar –“The Start-up Stories on September 11, 2020
    Webinar Chair: Dr. Anita Tripathy Lal (Professor In-Charge, CED FORE)
    Key Speakers:
    1) Ms. Pooja Kaul (Founder - Organiko)
    2) Ms. Smriti Malhotra (Founder - Wall Tart & FOREpreneur)
    3) Mr. Tarun Gupta (Founder- SiCureMi Healthcare)
    4) Mr. Prakash Thakur (Health-Tech Entrepreneur and CEO & President- EXG wear Inc.)

    Four half day workshops conducted online in three days for the First year students under the banner of “Idea Generation to Business Plan” on September 16, 17 & 18, 2020 and they are as follows:
  2. Half Day Workshop on ‘Idea Generation’ (By Prof. Anita T Lal)
  3. Half Day Workshop on ‘Opportunity Evaluation’ (By Prof. Anita T Lal)
  4. Half Day Workshop on ‘Business Model’ (By Prof. Anita T Lal)
  5. Half Day Workshop on ‘Business Plan’ (Marketing Plan –By Prof. Nitin Soni; Operational Plan- By Prof. Vinaytosh Mishra: Financial Plan – By Prof. Vinay Dutta; HR Plan and How to write a B-Plan- By Prof. Anita T Lal)
  6. Half Day Workshop on Live Case Study- Workshop on September 19, 2020
    Key Speakers:
    1) Mr. Pramit J Nathan (Founder of Creative Inc & FOREpreneur)
    2) Prof. Anita Tripathy Lal (Prof-in-Charge, CED FORE)
  7. Conducted an Entrepreneurship Survey amongst the First year students and the kind of start-up ideas they have, during the last week of September, 2020.
  8. “IDEATHON”- Intra Institute Business Idea Competition on October 03, 2020.
    Jury Members:
    1) Mr. Aditya Jain (Senior Consultant, Price Water Coopers, India)
    2) Prof. Anita Tripathy Lal (Prof-in-Charge, CED FORE)

    (A total of 15 teams participated in Ideathon. Their business ideas ranged from gourmet start-ups, healthcare start-ups, online stock market learning to online product and service delivery, innovative footwear, game development, voltage controlled stun gun, cafeteria mode of mental health treatment, customized restaurant, multi purpose hammer, app development for blood donation, all very key to make the world a better place.)
  9. Half day Webinar on “Funding for Start-ups on October 16, 2020.
    Webinar Chair: Dr. Anita Tripathy Lal (Professor In-Charge, CED FORE)
    Key Speakers:
    1) Mr. Gaurav Kachru (CEO & Founder Start-up Superfuel)
    2) Mr. Rishabh Mehta (Investor cum Entrepreneur and the founder of LOCAD)
    3) Mr. Puneet Gupta (CEO & Founder, Clensta International)
  10. Intra Institute Business Plan Competition- IMPUGNBIZ on October 22, 2020.
    Jury Members:
    1) Mr. Sandro Stephen, Regional Head-North India Operation, Indian Angel Network
    2) Prof. Neelam Saxena (Head-Amity University Centre for Entrepreneurship Development)
    3) Mr. Sanjay Kapoor (Founder-Buy Sell Run –M & A, Master Trainer Entrepreneurship)
    4) Dr. Anita T Lal (Professor In-Charge, CED FORE)
    (The consolation prizes went to ‘Khoj’ (pharmacy solution) and ‘Intrisilk’ (new ways of processing silk); 2nd runner -up was ‘Parkingque’ (vertical parking for numerous cars); the 1st runner-up ‘Investment Tree Fincorp’ mentored people to be profitable investors and share traders; while the winner ‘Noob Gamers’ converted virtual gaming currency to cash.)
  11. Inter Institute Entrepreneurship Event –Escape Room during Genesis ’21-FORE Management Fest on Feb 05 & 06, 2021
    Jury Members:
    1) Mr. Shrey Arora (Founder - Lickerish Foods Pvt. Ltd.)
    2) Ms. Neha Nagar (CEO & Founder at Taxationhelp.in)
    3) Prof. Mukul Joshi (Assistant Professor, FORE School of Management)
    (2nd Runner up - Team “XA-XII” (VIT, Vellore); Ist Runner up- Team “A team has no name” (FORE School of Management) and the Winner - Team “North South” (FORE School of Management )
  12. Inter Institute Business Plan Competition-CONCOT during Genesis ’21 FORE Management Fest on Feb 06, 2021
    Jury Members:
    1) Ms Aditi Balbir (Angel Investor & Mentor, Managing Director & Founder- V Resorts)
    2) Ms Shreedha Singh (Co-founder, TAC- The Ayurveda Co., CEO & Co-founder, The House of Khadi Essentials)
    3) Dr Anita T Lal (Professor In-Charge Centre for Entrepreneurship Development)

    (Runner up team- Team Samatva.AI from Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute Of Technology- presented a B-Plan on Automated Diversity HR & Recruitment Platform
    Winning team - Team Compar-ed
    from KJ Somaiya Institute of Management- presented a B-Plan on Ed-Tech aggregation of online courses)
    (As Prof. In-Charge CED, Prof. Anita T Lal has carried out the following approved activities outside FORE)
    i) Jury Member - Judged B-Plans in 1 International Pitch and 3 National Competitions (WEE Foundation- IIT Delhi, Amity University, FORE Genesis)
    ii) Guest Lectures- Delivered 3 Guest Lectures on Entrepreneurship in outside FORE, in International Conference, DST Sponsored Program and Global Launch (GD Goenka University, Amity University, IN Square by IIT Delhi Alumni Association)
    iii) Coaching & Mentoring - 15 Entrepreneurs (Start-ups) including 5 FORE Alumni
    iv) External Reviewer - Entrepreneurship Courses (Foundation; Basic and Advanced) at Amity University
    v) Start -up Leads - Live, Summer projects and Placements
    vi) Research Paper - “A study of CSR Initiatives by SMEs in the NCR, India” accepted for publication as a chapter in a Book by International Publisher Taylor and Francis