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The Area of Economics and Business Policy has a multifaceted team of faculty members with research and teaching interests that covers an extensive range of fields. The area offers wide variety of subjects viz., Managerial Economics, Macroeconomics & Policy, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Business Ethics and Governance, Legal Aspects of Business, Public Policy and NGO Management, Social Enterprise and Sustainable: Development in Emerging Economies, Foreign Trade and Exchange Market, Macroeconomics for Business, Industrial Organization, Public Economics, Development Economics. The faculty is highly committed to maintain high quality and excellence in the current education system by creating an effective learning environment and increasing the learning potential of students. Besides, the team is engaged in rigorous research work which is reflected in their quality publication. The team has expertise in analyzing both primary and secondary data. The area is also actively engaged in professional activities and consultancies.

Faculty Members

The Economics and Business Policy area consists of the following members

Prof. Basant K Potnuru

PhD, JNU; M.Phil, JNU; M.A. (Economics), Berhmpur University; B.A. (Hons.), Berhmpur University. 

Prof. Roopesh Kaushik

PhD, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur; M.Phil. (Economics), School of Economics, Devi Ahilya University, Indore (M.P); B.A. (Economics, Philosophy, English Literature),Indore Christian College, Devi Ahilya University, Indore, (M.P.).

Prof. Shallini Taneja

FPM, MDI-Gurgaon; M. Phil (Economics), MKU; MBA, VMU; M.A (Economics); B.Com, Panjab University.

Prof. Tavishi Tewary

PhD, NITIE, Mumbai; M.A., JNU; B.A. (Hons) (Economics), Delhi University

Courses offered by us

The Economics & Business Policy Area faculty offer the following Core and Electives courses in various programs.

Following is the list of Core Courses and the associated Credits offered to the students in the First Year.Term-1

Managerial Economics (ME) : 3.0 Credits


Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability: 1.5 Credits
Legal Aspect of Business (LAB) : 1.5 Credits


Business Ethics and Governance: 1.5 Credits
Macroeconomics and Policy : 1.5 Credits

List of Elective Courses offered by the Area

Social Enterprise and Sustainable Development in Emerging Economies: 3.0 Credits
Foreign Trade and Exchange Market: 3.0 Credits
Public Policy for NGO Management: 3.0 Credits
Industrial Organization: 3.0 Credits
CIS in Economics and Business Policy: 3.0 Credits
Principles of Sustainable Business: 1.5 Credits


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