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Prof. Tavishi Tewary

Prof. Tavishi Tewary

PhD, NITIE, Mumbai; M.A., JNU; B.A. (Hons) (Economics), Delhi University


Contact: 011-46485595

Total Years of Experience

15 Years

Brief description of Experience

She has been an academician in the area of Economics. She has to her credit many national and international publications. She has experience in policy research and trade impact assessment. She has also conducted FDPs on Data Analysis using SPSS. In academics she had been associated with teaching at UDLAP, Mexico.

Research Interest Areas

International Economics, Sustainability, Renewable Energy, and Macro Economics Modelling.

Consulting Interest Areas

Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Business Sustainability, Public policy, SDG goals.

Selected Publications

1) Kumar, D., & Tewary, T. (2022). Techno?economic assessment and optimization of a standalone residential hybrid energy system for sustainable energy utilization. International Journal of Energy Research, 46(8), 10020-10039.
2) Gopalakrishnan, B. N., Chakravarthy, S. L., Tewary, T., & Jain, V. (2022). Isolating China: Deglobalisation and its Impact on Global Value Chains. Foreign Trade Review, 57(4), 390-407.
3) Misra, R., Jain, V., Srivastava, S., & Tewary, T. (2022). Rejuvenating psychological well-being through work staycation: a COR perspective. Tourism Recreation Research, 1-13.
4) Tewary, T., Jain, V., Gopalakrishnan, B. N., & Anand, A. (2022). Climate Mitigation Investments: An Economic and Policy Outlook. FIIB Business Review, 23197145221097759.
5) Kumar, D., & Tewary, T. (2022). Design and analysis of grid-connected sustainable urban residential energy systems. International Journal of Energy Sector Management, 16(4), 704-727.
6) Gupta, A., Kumar, J., Tewary, T., & Virk, N. K. (2022). Influence of cartoon characters on generation alpha in purchase decisions. Young Consumers, 23(2), 282-303.
7) Vranda, J., Tavishi, T., & Narayanan, G. B. (2021). Unlocking technology adoption for a robust food supply chain: Evidence from Indian food processing sector.25(1), 147-164.
8) Tewary, T., Jain, V., & Agarwal, N. (2021). Moving Towards Menstrual Hygiene: Awareness and Acceptance of Sanitary Napkins at Bottom of the Pyramid. International Journal of Business and Economics, 20(1), 73-91.
9) Tewary, T., Gupta, A., Mishra, V., & Kumar, J. (2021). Young working women's purchase intention towards organic cosmetic products. International Journal of Economics and Business Research, 22(2-3), 256-277.
10) Tewary, T., Jaswal, I., & Vig, S. (2020). Is investment in technology a threat to employment in the BRICS region? International Journal of Technology and Globalisation, 8(3-4), 194-210.

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FORE School of Management has been designing, developing and conducting innovative Executive Education (EE)/ Management Development Programmes (MDPs) for working executives in India for over three decades.