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Means-cum-Merit Scholarship

Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme

1. FORE School of Management provides financial aid in the form of “Means-cum-Merit Scholarship” as per the details given below to the students in the First Year and the Second Year of the PGDM (FMG), PGDM (IMG), PGDM (FM), and the PGDM (BDA) programmes of the Institute.

2. The Scholarship:

  • The scholarship will be awarded to students who meet the “Means” and the “Merit” criteria as detailed hereinafter.
  • The scholarship support includes waiver of full tuition fee.
  • The scholarship is awarded for one academic year subject to conditions.
  • The awarded scholarship amount will be adjusted against the tuition fee due or paid separately. Wherever needed, scholarship amount will be calculated on the pro-rated Term Tuition fee.

2.2. Eligibility:

  • All students, except those who have taken admission under the “Company-Sponsored Category” in the PGDM Programme viz. FMG, IMG, FM and BDA are eligible for the award of Merit-cum-Means Scholarship.
  • A student must have scored a minimum CGPA of 6.50 on 10.00 scale until the last grade point declaration by the Institute.
  • The student’s aggregate family income* including self, should be less than Rs.8.00 lakhs per annum.
  • The applicant must not have secured “D” and “F” Grade in any course.
  • To continue to receive the scholarship, the awarded student must maintain a minimum CGPA of 6.50 on a scale of 10.00 (with no “D” and “F” Grade) in all academic terms.
  • There must not be any proven case of indiscipline and misconduct against the student. In case of any such act of proven indiscipline and misconduct against a student who has already been awarded the scholarship, the scholarship so awarded will be discontinued immediately.

*Family Income indicates the total income of parents and self. In case the student has a guardian (other than either of the parents) the total income of the guardian and self will be taken into consideration.

2.3. Criteria of Scholarship:

The Scholarship Committee will review all the applications of the eligible students seeking scholarship. All such eligible students will be called for a personal discussion before the Committee. Based on assessment made by the Committee, a final recommendation for the award of “Means-cum-Merit Scholarship” will be given by the Committee. In case of more number of applications received than the number of approved scholarships, the Scholarship Committee will prepare a rank of eligible students in order of “Means” and “Merit” and scholarships will be awarded to the students holding higher ranks.

2.4. No. of Scholarships:

The maximum total number of scholarships that may be awarded in 1st year and the 2nd year for the PGDM, PGDM (IB), PGDM (FM) & PGDM (BDA) are indicated in the Table below:

Table-1: Maximum number of scholarship to be awarded *
Programme No. of Scholarships


First Year AY 2020-21 Second Year AY 2021-22
PGDM (180 seats) 6 6
PGDM-IB (120 seats) 4 4
PGDM-FM (60seats) 2 2
PGDM-BDA (60 seats) 2 2


14 14

* The no. of scholarships for each programme is decided on a pro-rata basis.

2.5. Process

  • An announcement will be made in Term-2 for interested 1st year students to apply for the First-Year scholarship, and in Term-5 for interested 2nd year students to apply for the Second-Year scholarship with the declaration that they are not receiving or likely to receive any scholarship/funding support from an Organization/institution other than FORE School of Management, New Delhi.
  • Shortlisted students will be called for a personal discussion with the Scholarship Committee.
  • The scholarship award list will be released based on overall assessment made by the Scholarship Committee.
  • The student may claim the Scholarships amount as soon as the list of selected candidates for award of scholarship is announced by the institute. An undertaking will be taken from the student that in case his/her CGPA falls below the minimum required level of 6.50 (with no “D” and “F” Grade), he/she will refund the scholarship amount back to the institute pro-rated on Term basis for the Terms in which his/her CGPA falls below 6.50. For example, if a 1st year scholarship awarded student gets a CGPA of less than 6.50 in Term 2 but equal to are more than 6.50 CGPA (with no “D” and “F” Grade) in Term-3, then he/she will not be entitled to Term-2 scholarship amount calculated on a pro-rated basis. In this case it will be 1/3 of the total 1st year scholarship amount. This amount, therefore, must be immediately returned back to FORE by the concerned student based on a demand note raised by the institute for the recovery of the amount from the concerned /impacted student.

2.6. Other Conditions

  • Students selected for this scholarship will not get any concession on any other fee, such as, students’ activities charges, examination fee, alumni charges, Abhigyan journal subscription, hostel charges, or any other new fee/charges introduced etc.
  • This scholarship scheme will not be available to any student who is already availing the benefit of any other scholarship from anywhere else. If at a later stage it is found that the awarded student is also availing a benefit of another scholarship or financial support scheme, a disciplinary action will be taken against such student(s) including cancellation of the scholarship and rustication from the Programme. All such students will have to deposit back to the institute the scholarship amount released/paid to them immediately after being so communicated.
  • If any disciplinary action is taken against the scholarship awarded student, then the scholarship will be discontinued with effect from the Academic Term during which the disciplinary action was taken. Such students must pay the balance fee due to the institute immediately after the disciplinary action has been communicated to the student.

2.7. Document Requirements:

  • Salary Certificate/ Form-16 / Intimation U/s 143(1) for last 3 Financial Years along with Income Tax Return.
  • In case of General Category, the student needs to submit EWS Certificate issued by the competent authority.
  • In case of Reserved Category (SC/ ST/OBC) the student needs to submit the relevant certificate issued by the competent authority.

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