Student Exchange Programme

Global Connections: Exploring Student Exchange Programme at FORE School of Management

In today’s connected world, it’s key to build global links and understand different cultures. The FORE School of Management in New Delhi established a strong student exchange programme. This programme not only gives students invaluable exposure but also offers lots of benefits that help them grow personally and professionally. Let’s explore the exchange program for students at FORE School of Management in terms of exposure, benefits, and selection criteria. Exposure              At FORE School of Management, the student exchange programme aims to give students a full view of different cultures, business ways, and study settings around the world. By teaming up with top schools globally, students can dive into new cultural settings,… Read More

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TEDx Talk 2024

TED Talk 2024: Empowering Students with Inspirational Ideas

In the realm of ideas and inspiration, TED Talks have carved a unique space. As we step into 2024, the platform continues to inspire millions around the globe, including our students at FORE. This year, we’re focusing on TED Talk 2024, TED Talk ideas for students, inspirational TED Talks, TEDx and TEDTalk. TED Talk 2024: A Source of Inspiration  The TED Talk 2024 series has been a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path for young minds eager to make a difference. The talks have covered a wide range of topics, from technology and science to art and social issues, providing a wealth of knowledge and perspectives. TEDx FORE School of… Read More

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