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Big Data And Data Analytics Program

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Certificate in Big Data Analytics for Business & Management

Data is everywhere. In fact, we are surrounded by it. We not only consume it, but also produce it, thanks to the constant technological advancements and increasing smartphone penetration. The field of Big Data Analytics involves the study and analysis of the massive volume of data sets that include both structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. The study involves the use of several tools, techniques, algorithms, frameworks, and concepts that help in dealing with complex data to make it more useful for the intended purpose.

Not only is Big Data used by brands to boost marketing and sales, but today it has become an integral part of almost all major sectors that include Government, Healthcare, Education, Transportation, Media and Entertainment, BFSI, Manufacturing, and the list goes on. Considering its widespread applications in different fields, it has emerged as one of the most promising career options for aspirants who want to make a career out of it.


So, Big Data is not just another buzzword! It is being used to good effect in several industry sectors and areas. From building Smart Cities to getting consumer insights to encouraging innovation in Marketing and Sales, its influence can be felt across domains. The impact is only going to grow in the future, which makes it almost imperative for managers and corporate leaders to equip themselves with basic skills in Big Data.

Organisations of all sizes, irrespective of their industry and sector, leverage Big Data and Analytics for making crucial and profitable decisions. As a result, organisations are always on the lookout for competent professionals who can manage their critical data. Surprisingly, it is a field that has a low supply for high demand. In this scenario, having a Big Data Certification can help aspirants add weightage to their resume and make their profile more desirable for employers.

With this objective, FORE School of Management, New Delhi launched a certificate program in Big Data Analytics for Business & Management. Designed to cover three crucial aspects - Analytics, Hadoop-Eco System, and Deep Learning and AI - of Big Data, the program is suited for executives from public and private sectors, academicians, data scientists and developers, and anyone interested in the field and wanting to get an edge in their career.

Big Data Analytics Course by FORE is designed by industry experts having years of experience. Headed by Professor Ashok Kumar Harnal, Program Director, and Professor Kemal Oflus, Professor, University of California, Riverside, the project-oriented program offers students all the necessary tools and utilizes universal open source technologies. Participants of the Big Data Analytics program get Virtual Machines at the very beginning, which ensures a seamless and convenient learning process.

Practice-based pedagogy is at the heart of the learning during the Big Data Course. At the end of each day, students execute a code that’s explained in the classroom. It gives learners firsthand experience of working in the field. As a result, at the end of the six-month course held over weekends, students get a crucial understanding of Big Data Analytics and gain valuable insights and experience. The robust learning prepares them for the dynamic challenges in their professional journeys.

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