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Faculty Publication 2020

Author's Name Article Title Publications Details
Prof. Shallini Taneja Managing natural disaster risk with earthquake damage scenarios and shakeout exercises: Lessons from Mw = 8 Mandi multi-stakeholders’ scenario in India International Journal of Population Studies; Vol.6 No.-1, pp.30-40
Prof. Chetna Chauhan, Amandeep Dhir, Manzoor Ul Akram, Jari Salo Food loss and waste in food supply chains. A systematic literature review and framework development approach Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 295 2021
Prof. Chetna Chauhan, Sher Jahan Khan, Manzoor Ul Akram Cognitive factors influencing green consumption behaviour of young millennials: an empirical check on Indian consumers International Journal of Green Economics, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp-293-314., 2020
Prof. Chetna Chauhan, Amol Singh, Sunil Luthra Barriers to industry 4.0 adoption and its performance implications: An empirical investigation of emerging economy Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 285, 2021
Prof. Roopesh Kaushik Identification of the determinants of rural workforce migration: A study of Contraction Segments in Udupi District, Karnataka, India. Review of Development and Change, Vol.25(2),pages 256–270, 2020
Prof. Roopesh Kaushik How upright a public bus transport system is desirable for sustainable mobility? Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment, Vol-. LXII (1), pages 47-61, 2020
Prof. Rakhi Tripathi Evolution of higher education institution websites in India: a longitudinal study International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy, Vol.13(4), pp. 319–331, 2020
Prof. Mohita Gangwar Sharma Interdependence analysis of supplier relationship challenges in the South African automative Industry Journal of Global Operations and Strategic Sourcing, Vol.14(1), pp.1-16, 2021
Singh, Aarti Chapter titled “Study of Indian Education System Variables During Covid-19” Edited Book K.B.Singh, Economic Policy and Planning in India Post COVID-19., Pages 302-311, ISBN: 9789390513680 Bloomsburry Publication
Prof. Shirsendu Nandi Himanshu Rathorea, Suresh Kumar Jakharc The future of Indian aviation from the perspective of environment-centric regulations and policies IIMB Management Review, Vol.32, issue-4, pp-434-447, 2020
Prof. Sudeep S. & Udit Agarwal Nudging our way to Successful Information Security Awareness ISACA Journal Volume-I, 2021
Prof. Arghya Ray & Pradip Kumar Bala Chapter Title “Innovative distribution and delivery of food” 2021. Edited Book Charis Galanakis, Food Technology Distributions, Pages- 213-246 ISBN: 9780128214701 Elsevier
Prof. Somayya Madakam & Harshita Chapter Title “Blockchain Technology : Concepts, Components, and Cases” 2021 Edited Book Zaigham Mahmood, Industry Use Cases on Blockchain Technology Applications in IoT and the Financial Sector, Pages 215-247, DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6650-3, ISBN13: 9781799866503 IGI Global
Prof. Somayya Madakam & Pragya Bhawsar Chapter Title “NEOM smart city : The city of future (The Urban Oasis in Saudi Desert)” 2021 Edited Book Juan Carlos Augusto, Handbook of Smart Cities, Pages 1-23, eBook ISBN 978-3-030-15145-4, DOI Springer Publication
Prof. Reeta Raina Chapter Title “Developing Communication Intelligence among Future Managers and its Predictive Value for Effective Corporate Performance” 2021 Edited Book Dr. Upinder Dhar, Dr.Santosh Dhar, Good Practices and Capacity Building for Sustainable Development Goals, Pages-106-110, ISBN- 978-93-89934-29-8 Allied Publishers
Prof. Subir Verma, Pritam Singh & Asha Bhandarker Book “Role of Boards : Building Competitive Edge”, 2021 Book, Pages 304, ISBN: 978-93-5388-721-6, Sage Publication
Prof. Samta Jain, Marie Lall & Anviti Singh Teachers’ Voices on the Impact of COVID-19 on School Education : Are Ed-Tech Companies Really the Panacea Contemporary Education Dialogue, Vol-18, Issue-1, 2020, pp.-58-89
Prof. Vandana Bhama Understanding Equity Repurchase Motives for Different Firm Set-Up : Indian Evidence Investment Management and Financial Innovations, Volume-18, Issue 1, pp.-90-100, 2020
Prof. Mohita G. Sharma TravelKhana: Delighting the Rail Travelers Appetite Asian Case Research Journal Volume-24, Issue-1 pp.-1-14, 2020
Prof. Arghya Ray, Pradip Kumar Bala b, Nripendra P. Rana Exploring the drivers of customers’ brand attitudes of online travel agency services: A text-mining based approach Journal of Business Research, Volume-128, pp.-391-404, 2021
Prof. Gagan Sharma, Srividya Subramaniam, Sanjay Sehgal Are prominent equity market anomalies in India fading away Global Business Review, Volume-22, issue-1, pp.-255-270, 2021 Doi:10.1177/0972150918811248
Prof. Gagan Sharma, Vibhuti Vasishth, Sanjay Sehgal Size effect in Indian equity market: myth or reality? Asia-Pacific Financial Markets, Volume-28, pp.-101-119, 2021
Prof. Himanshu Joshi Cash holding or net debt: what matters for firms’ financial policies? Evidence from India. Indian Journal of Finance, Volume-15, issue-2, pp-8-21
Prof. Sriparna Basu, Shilpi Jain and Bishakha Majumdar Digital Empowerment and Indian Handlooms: Case-based Policy Recommendations Economic & Political Weekly, Volume-16, Issue-8 pp.-52-59, 2021
Prof. Samta Jain & P.K. Jain Cross-Border Acquisitions : Assessment of Financial Efficiency Using Data Envelopment Analysis Research Bulletin, Volume-46, issue-I & II, pp-8-21
Prof. Basant K. Potnuru SDG Targets on Maternal and Child Health and Access of Doctors in India International Journal of Healthcare Management,; Vol. 13, Sup1, 2020
Prof. Vandana Gupta Knowing the worth of a Private Limited Company : Case of Lifestyle International The Case Centre, 120-0141-1
Prof. Vinaytosh Mishra and Prof. Mohita G Sharma Understanding Humanitarian Supply Chain Through Causal Modelling Humanitarian Supply Chain Through Causal Modelling. South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases, Vol-9 (3), pages 317-329, 2020,
Prof. Ambrish Gupta Annual Review of the Indian Primary Equity Market : 2019 – 20 Indian Journal of Research In Capital Markets, Volume 7, Issue 2-3, April-September 2020; ISSN 2394-3459
Prof. Prachi Bhatt Perceived Organizational Culture across Generation, Tenure, and Gender: An Exploratory Study Organization Development Journal; Vol. 38, Issue. 1, (Spring 2020): 9-20, ISSN 0889-6402
Prof. Prachi Bhatt India–Kuwait: Inter-Cultural Sensitivity, Cultural Intelligence and Conflict-handling Styles in Cross-cultural Interactions Conflict Studies Quarterly Issue 33, October 2020, pp. 20-41, ISSN:2285-7605
Prof. Faisal Ahmed Impact of Knowledge Capabilities on Organisational Performance in the Private Sector in Oman: An SEM Approach Using Path Analysis International Journal of Knowledge Management (IJKM), IGI Global, vol. 17(1), pages 15-32, January, ISSN 1548-0666
Prof. Faisal Ahmed & Prof. Vinaytosh Mishra Social well-being and livelihood challenges in conflict economies : a study of Syrian citizens perception of geopolitics fragility International Journal of Happiness and Development Vol-6, No-2, 2020 pp.-143-161
Prof. Himanshu Joshi & Prof. Rajneesh Chauhan Determinants of Stock Option Listing : Logistic Regression and Random Forest Approach Pacific Business Review International, Vol-13, No-1, 2020. pp.-1-12 ISSN: 0974-438X
Reeta Raina Unmasking Degree of Tolerance For Disagreement Among Millennials: A Study of Future Prospective Managers In India Abhigyan Vol-38 No-2, pp-50-58 ISSN 0970-2385
Nitin Soni & Jagrook Dawra Judgments of Acquisition value and transaction value Acquisition value and transaction value Vol. 12 No. 3, pp. 389-410.
Ambrish Gupta Insights in to Law on Securities Offerings and its Implications in Vietnamese Capital Market Abhigyan Vol-38 No-1, pp-51-62 ISSN 0970-2385
Ambrish Gupta An Empirical Investigation into the Listing Performance of Indonesian IPOs Indian Journal of Research in Capital Markets Vol-7 No-1, pp-7-21 ISSN 2394-3459
Ambrish Gupta Reliance Industries Limited: Consolidated Financial Reporting The Case Centre 120-0058-8
Varsha Khattri, Vivek Singh Tomar, Rohit Singh Tomar, Moderating Role of Brand Trust on Offline vs Online Shoppers and its Impact on Cognitive Dissonance Indian Journal of Marketing Vol. 50, Issue 8-9, August-September 2020, pp 66-79, ISSN 0973-8703
Rajneesh Chauhan & Subhasis Bera Impact of Diversification on Performance of Top Indian ICT Outsourcing Firm : An Entropy Analysis International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management Vol-17, No-2, 2020, pp-1-21 ISSN (print): 0219-8770 | ISSN (online): 1793-6950
Vinaytosh Mishra Factors Affecting the Adoption of Telemedicine During Covod-19 Indian Journal of Public Health Vol-64 Issue Supplementry-2, June 2020, pp-S234-S236
Faisal Ahmed & Vinaytosh Mishra India’s Ocean Diplomacy in the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) of the Indo- Pacific : Modelling the Enablers using Fuzzy AHP Pacific Business Review International Vol-12 No-7, pp-60-73
Varsha Khattri Buying A House : The Mind Heart Conflict The Case Centre, 520-0090-1
Bhama, Vandana, Pandey, Asheesh & Mohapatra, Amiys Kumar Trading Strategy Using Share Buybacks : Evidence From India Investment Management and Financial Innovations, Vol-17 No-2, pp-169-182
Ambrish Gupta TeleVista Mobile Ltd.: The New Lease Accounting Standard IFRS 16/IND AS 116 Transforms a Lessee in to a Borrower Case Centre Reference No-120-0030-1.
Pooja Kumari & Chandra Sekhar Mishra Value relevance of aggregated and disaggregated earnings in India : Significance of intangible intensity Journal of International Accounting, Audition and Taxation Vol 39 (2020) June, pp-1-17 ISSN: 1061-9518
Mohita Gangwar Sharma & Sunil Kumar The Implication of Blockchain as a disruptive Technology for Construction Industry IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review 2020,
Mohita Gangwar Sharma & S.M. Sharma Exemplar for PPP Initiatives on Indian Railways International Journal of Procurement Management Vol-13 No-1, 2020, PP-214-224
Madakam, Somayya & Kollu, Sreekanth Blockchain Technologies Fundamentals – Perceptions, Principles, Procedures and Practices Prajnan, Vol. XLVIII, No. 4, pp-345-365 2019-20 ISSN 0970-8448
Himanshu Joshi & Rajneesh Chauhan, Determinants and Prediction Accuracy of Price Multiples for South East Asia: Conventional and Machine Learning Analysis Indonesian Capital Market Review Vol 12, No 1 (2020): January 2020, pp.-42-54
e-ISSN 2356-3818 print ISSN 1979-8997
Bandyopadhyay, Nirmalya Human Crowding or Spatial Crowding? The Impact of Perceived Crowding on In-store Impulse Purchase American Business Review, Vol. 23, No. 1 (May, 2020) ISSN: 2689-8810 (Online) ISSN: 0743-2348 (Print)
Kapoor, Payal S., Jayasimha, K.R., Sadh, Ashish & Gunta, Srinivas eWOM via social networking site: source versus message credibility Int. J. Internet Marketing and Advertising, Vol. 14, No. 1, 2020, pp:19-47; ISSN :1477-5212, E-ISSN:1741-8100

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