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Hostel Facilities

" *The hostel fees and rules for the year 2021-22 will be updated soon."


“Adhitam Kendra”

B-18, Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi-110 016



1. FORE School of Management has NO hostel facility of its own. FORE school is only coordinating with M/s Rajhans Homes for facilitating the availability of accommodation for its being in the near vicinity of the Institute. The Rooms offered by Rajhans Homes to FORE School of Management is in Block No. F-113 (Air Conditioned). The fee towards the accommodation with food is Rs.1,66,000/-* (Rupees One Lakh Sixty-Six Thousand Only) per year per person on twin sharing basis inclusive of daily breakfast, evening tea and dinner. The Rajhans Homes caters for all three meals on Saturday, Sunday & Gazetted Holidays. The Rajhans Homes has limited seats and it is offered by the Rajhans Homes Authorities on first come first served basis on depositing of the required fee in advance for one year.

2. Those willing to avail the room facilities are to make payment in advance for a period of stay beginning as from the joining date (will be as per Govt. guidelines):

  • • Demand Draft for Rs. 94,000/- (Rupees Ninety-Four Thousand Only) favouring “Rajhans Homes” payable at New Delhi (on pro-rata basis from the date of occupation).
  • • Demand Draft for Rs. 72,000/- (Rupees Seventy-Two Thousand Only) favouring “RR Hospitality” payable at New Delhi (on pro-rata basis from the date of occupation).

Note:Please mention your name and Mobile number on reverse of the Demand Draft.

3. The amount indicated above is inclusive of following additional charges:

Security Deposit: Rs. 10,000/-

  • The Demand Drafts are to be sent to: Administrative Officer, FORE School of Management, B-18 Qutub Institutional Area, and New Delhi-110 016. The DD’s will be handed over to M/s Rajhans Homes. Any queries/clarifications can be sought from Manager, Rajhans Homes (Mob. 9667701647) or Administrative Officer either personally or on telephone 011-41242424-33. (Extn. 421).
  • Electricity charges will be charged extra on actual based on the reading. However, for the water and common area usage of electricity charges will be divided equally among the total occupant of the block and charged accordingly based on the meter reading separately provided for water and electricity (Fixed charges & taxes will be divided on each student and variable charges to be calculated as per units consumed by the room, submeter provided).

The Rajhans Homes Management is absolutely an independent ownership/management. The room allotment is strictly on first come first served basis due to limited seats being available. The Rajhans Homes offers the following facilities:


  • a. All rooms are double occupancy basis (twin sharing) (subject to any change from Govt.);
  • b. Provision of beds with mattresses;
  • c. Study tables and chairs in every room, partitioned Almirah, fan, fluorescent tubes, Refrigerator, centre table, pantry, attached toilets cleaned by trained staff, balcony and geysers;
  • d. Reverse Osmosis (RO) system to ensure clean drinking water;
  • e. Mess facility (shall be as per the guidelines of the Govt.)
  • f. Power back up system (a high capacity generator) is provided;
  • g. WiFi facility on payment basis
  • h. Laundry facility on payment basis.
  • i. The Rajhans Homes is situated just walking distance from FORE School of Management.

Rajhans Homes
Katwaria Sarai, New Delhi - 110 016
Tel: 9667701647

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  1. FORE School of Management has co-ordinated with M/s Rajhans Homes for accommodation for outstation students, near FORE Campus, in Katwaria Sarai. The address is as under:

    Rajhans Homes
    F-109/ F-113, Katwaria Sarai
    New Delhi – 110 016
    Tel: 09667701647
    Contact Person: Mr.Darshan Singh (M: 09667701647)

  2. Admission to the Rajhans Homes is restricted to the bonafide 1st year students of FORE School of Management. The accommodation would be available only for the duration of the programme.
  3. Accommodation for the students for Academic Year 2020-2021 will be made available at the Rajhans Homes on first come first served basis, against advance payment of Rs.1,66,000/- (Rs. One Lac Sixty-Six Thousand Only for 1 Year, ON PRO RATA BASIS from the day of occupancy for this current year) for F-113 for AC accommodation on twin sharing basis. Payment for availing accommodation and hospitality have to be made in advance. In case of any withdrawal after occupancy of room, charges paid are refunded as per the refund policy governed by Rajhans Homes. Those who want to continue for the next year will have to inform their requirement in advance by February 2020 to the Rajhans Homes Authority with their own arrangement. They are required to deposit the required fee for the next year (2021-22) as per the charges applicable for the year 2020-21.
  4. There must be a local guardian. A letter from the local guardian of the applicant giving his/her permanent address, telephone number of residence, office and mobile phone number (if any) stating that he/she takes responsibility for the applicant and will take charge if any such situation arises concerning the student. The candidate can be asked to produce additional documents as and when required by the Rajhans Homes.
  5. Students are advised to take on charge inventory of all the items kept in the Rajhans Homes.
  6. Occupants will be personally responsible for the proper upkeep of their respective rooms, furniture, fittings, bathrooms and property in their use. In case of damage to any of the above, the cost of repair/replacement shall be borne by the occupant(s) of the Room.
  7. The supervision and control of the Rajhans Homes shall remain with the Rajhans Homes management at all times. They shall have the authority to open any room for inspection.
  8. Residents shall be in the Rajhans Homes latest by 10.30 p.m. daily.
  9. Intimation to the Manager Rajhans Homes must be given by the residents wishing to stay out late till permitted time (on weekends only).
  10. Absence from the Rajhans Homes on Holidays or Leave days: Residents proposing to spend the night out will inform the Rajhans Homes authorities in writing with concurrence of local guardian, a day before, giving the address and telephone numbers (both mobile and landline) as to where they can be contacted in case of a necessity.
  11. Boys are not allowed in the girl’s room and Girls are not allowed in the boy’s room.
  12. Smoking and consumption of liquor are strictly prohibited in the Rajhans Homes. Room allotments of those who are found intoxicated in the Rajhans Homes, shall be terminated with immediate effect.
  13. Residents should be properly dressed. They shall not roam in dressing gowns/night wear in the common areas of Rajhans Homes.
  14. The Rajhans Homes shall not be used for business purposes of any kind.
  15. Residents shall not misuse the premises for any immoral, unsocial or unapproved purposes
  16. Gambling is strictly prohibited in the Rajhans Homes.
  17. Residents shall not keep pets in the Rajhans Homes.
  18. Residents shall not engage any Security Guard or any outsider to do their personal work.
  19. Strict silence shall be observed from 11.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m. in the Rajhans Homes to allow undisturbed sleep/study to fellow students.
  20. Illness: In case of any illness, the resident (patient) will be sent to hospital and intimation will be sent to the guardian/local guardian for taking charge of the patient. For availing cashless facility in the network hospital of the TPA through Mediclaim Policy, the student has to produce ID card of FORE/ Card issued by TPA of the Insurance Company. In case of availing the treatment in hospital which is not listed in the network hospital of TPA, the amount incurred for the treatment could be claimed from the Insurance Company through their TPA. In such case or any pre-planned hospitalization, prior intimation to be given to the TPA of the Insurance Agency of the Insurance Agency. FSM shall not take any responsibility in this regard.
  21. Any student who is under medication or has any health hazard, the same information should be given in writing to FSM and authorities of Rajhans Homes.
  22. Visitors are allowed in the common Room during the following hours:
    Day Timing
    Weekdays : 05:00 PM To 09:00 PM
    Sundays & Holidays : 10:00 AM To 01:00 PM
    04:00 PM To 09:00 PM
    Note: Visitors may be advised to park their vehicle at a suitable parking space since there is no parking space available in the vicinity of Rajhans Homes.
  23. Night stay in the Rajhans Homes for the Visitors/fellow students/Guardians is strictly prohibited.
  24. Residents are not allowed to entertain any visitor in their rooms.
  25. The Rajhans Homes Management takes no responsibility for the personal belongings of any resident. Any resident keeping cash or valuables in his/her room will be doing so at his/her own risk. The room must be kept locked when not in room for any purpose whatsoever. Even while sleeping the room must be bolted from inside to avoid any unauthorized entry/access.
  26. Students shall have to make their own arrangements regarding bed-sheets, pillows, bucket/mugs, room locks, etc.
  27. Fans and lights in the rooms must be switched off before leaving the room.
  28. Unauthorized use or possession of electric appliances in the rooms is not permitted. In case of violation, the appliances shall be confiscated and allotment of accommodation will be cancelled, the amount of balance fee forfeited.
  29. Residents who contravene any of the accommodation rules or create nuisance, trouble or problems for the Rajhans Homes management or other residents are liable to have their allotment terminated without any notice.


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