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Team CED (Centre for Entrepreneurship Development)

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development FORE School of Management primarily aims at fostering creativity and innovation among students and help them build an entrepreneurial mindset. The team organizes activities, workshops, seminars and competitions on a regular basis to help the management students to give shape to their ideas and formulate business plans for implementation in the long run. Entrepreneurs are regularly invited by CED, FORE to share their success stories with the students. The examples set by successful entrepreneurs help the centre not only to inculcate the entrepreneurial spirit in the institute but also endeavors to generate student entrepreneurs from the campus itself.

Moreover, The Centre carries out a calendar full of activities related to entrepreneurship round the year. It ranges from seminars, workshops like “Idea Generation to Business Plan” and Intra and Inter college competitions. For the last few years the winners of the Intra college B- Plan competition have been winning various B- Plan competitions hosted by other colleges & Institutes.The center has also been helping the students in getting live projects, summer internship and final placement offers from Entrepreneurs and start- up founders. In the near future, the center aspires to start an incubation center.

Events Organized

  • Start-Up Pitches to VP - The very first event conducted by CED, ‘Start-Up pitches to VP’ primarily aims to help the students on getting an idea of how to develop Business Idea pitches solving pain points to real time Venture Capitalists.
  • Success of Start-Ups - One of the first activities of the center is a half day seminar on the entrepreneurial journeys of successful entrepreneurs, which is organized for 1st year MBA students in. This seminar is primarily an awareness building exercise and also helps the students to appreciate the spirit of entrepreneurship.
  • Idea Generation to Business Plan - CED organizes the four half-day workshops on ‘Idea Generation’; ‘Opportunity Evaluation’; ‘Business Model’ and ‘Business Plan’. These series of workshops are held with the intention of helping the students to generate ideas to solve problems and details of developing a Business Plan along with Elevator Pitch are outlined.
  • Live Case Study Workshop - To give a practical insight into the ‘Idea Generation to Business Plan’ workshop, ‘ The Live Case Study Workshop’ is organized by CED which gives students a perception about branding, brand management, media planning, communication planning and marketing strategies.
  • Ideathon - CED organizes ‘Ideathon’ in continuation with the ‘Idea Generation to Business Plan’ workshop for the first year students. Ideathon intends to give the students an opportunity to present their business ideas to industry experts and receive guidance in preparing an innovative Business Plan.
  • Funding Start-Ups - ‘Funding Start-Ups’ is a half day seminar on ‘Venture capital funding’ organized, for the students. In this event the students get firsthand information about the different types of funding available for start-ups from the investors themselves. This exercise aims to give the students another real time opportunity to make their plans implementable.
  • FOREmost - FOREmost is the Intra Institute Business Plan organized by CED where the 10 best B-Plans are shortlisted and presented in front of an external jury. The winners of the In- house B-Plan competition are allowed to participate in the Inter College B-Plan Competition, CONCOCT featuring in the ‘Inter College Management Fest–Genesis’.
  • Baczar - Our flagship event, Ba-czar is a two day Intra college competition event, wherein students implement their "Street Business Idea" and get a hands-on experience of entrepreneurship. Students participate in teams for this event & serve a range of delightful cuisines and other creative activities.
  • Concoct - We, at CED, organize various enriching workshops, competitions, and webinars to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students.And our flagship event, CONCOCT, the Inter-College B-Plan competition, conducted during GENESIS will witness participation from all major Tier 1 and Tier 2 B-schools across the country.

Event Gallery :

Faculty Coordinator:

  • Dr. Anita T Lal

Team CED Members’ Details:

  • Payal Singal (Coordinator)

  • Vaibhav Gupta (Co-Coordinator)

  • Yatin Chopra (Co-Coordinator)

  • Radhika Bansal (Member)

  • Randeep D (Member)

  • Shivam Dharmadhikari (Member)

  • Shubham Gautam (Member)

Events and Activities Reports :

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Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) Events and Activities Report AY 2020-21

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