Record-Breaking Placements at FORE

The Game Changer Placement Process at FORE

FORE School of Management is a management institute located in the heart of New Delhi. It grants full-time NBA accredited PGDM programs in International Business, Financial Management, Big Data Analytics, along with PGDM (Executive) and FPM programs. The institute assumes that students’ exposure to global perspectives is no longer a differentiator but a fundamental attribute. With this view, FORE has established international collaborations with several institutes and universities abroad. Placement is also one of the crucial meeting points between FORE and the industry. It is their attempt to expedite the exchange of knowledge between the students and the industry. Let us look at some of the dedicated placement activities that… Read More

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Environmental Analytics and Data Science

Why Environmental Analytics is the Dream Job You Didn’t Know About. A Must Read Blog!

The modern world functions on numbers and data. From your favourite sports to the mobile phone you choose, the data matters. You might not even recognise it, but most of us look for data to determine success, failure and everything in between. For example, when purchasing a car, you look for its safety rating, fuel economy, speed and more importantly, what others think of it. Such is the importance of data that even the environment is now dependent on it. Environmental Analytics is driving to deliver the necessary information. Environmental Analysis is the process of gathering data relating to our natural world. Statisticians or Data Analysts work with the raw… Read More

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This is What You Need to Know About Investment Banking And Its Career Opportunities!

Investment Banking is the advisory-based financial service offered by a company to individuals, governments or corporations. It is a specific banking division that deals with the creation of capital by borrowing money or issuing stock in the business. Investment Bankers act as advisors or intermediaries in the process. Apart from providing capital, an investment banker also facilitates mergers and acquisitions for clients. By advising on the worth of the companies, investment bankers structure the best deal benefitting their clients. Some of the biggest names in investment banking are Goldman Sachs & Co., Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Evercore, Centerview Partners, Lazard and others. These firms are usually subsidiaries or affiliated with… Read More

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PGDM versus MBA

The Biggest Battle in Management Education Ends Here!

Whatever you pursue professionally, there is a reasonable chance that it will include some “business”. Engineers, doctors, artists too have to learn at least the basics of management to flourish in their respective careers. A student opting for management education has many advantages. It can alter your corporate journey by making it more effective and even more ambitious. The skills acquired in a classroom of a management institute helps in dealing with the hurdles of business complexities. Over the years, many students in India have been choosing management studies as a part of their higher education.  The accelerated surge in choice has directed an increment in the number of management… Read More

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Executive Education at FORE

The Promise of an Innovative Executive Education by FORE School of Management

Executive education is an essential tool for global businesses to sustain top leadership talent. It allows executives new knowledge to magnify skills and enable them to gain new perspectives. In an increasingly complex international business environment, leaders continue to look for ways to stay ahead of the pack and make meaningful change, ensuring the renewed need for high-quality executive education. The curriculum requires to apply to global business challenges and must evolve with world trends. Features of the best executive education include: Business management training by esteemed authorities who are at the forefront of management thought and research. Individual executive business training to strengthen management skills. Participants with a high-calibre… Read More

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