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Center for Digital Innovation

“Technology is of no use, if it can’t be adopted harmoniously by humans”

The Centre of Digital Innovation, at FORE School of Management is spearheading the adoption of new-generation digital technologies for various industrial sectors, education space, and various other sections of society. Digital technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI) have disrupted workplaces like never before. These disruptions have induced “Digital Life Styles” in industry, in particular, and society in general. Covid-19 termed as a once-in-a-century disaster, also has a silver lining. It has induced a massive wave of Digital Transformation and has enabled industry leaders to reimagine workplaces. Digital innovation including smarter AI algorithms has brought massive changes to the way we do business, collaborate, learn, and make decisions. Digital Innovations have given birth to new business models and business strategies which are radically different from what we had in the past.

The digital innovation center at FORE School of Management brings together many viewpoints and approaches to examine and understand how digital innovation can add value by addressing corporate and societal problems.

Primary focus of the Centre for Digital Innovation

  • Digital Transformation initiatives – The centre with a strong team of digital experts, hand holds corporates, MSMEs, and other institutions to launch digital transformation programs in their ecosystems. This can help organizations introduce digital innovation in their marketing strategies and reap its benefits.
  • Digital Start-up initiatives – The centre encourages early-stage start-ups as well as entrepreneurs and students with bright ideas to start their ventures with its guidance. They learn to create strategy with the help of a digital innovation program.
  • Building new Digital Innovation ideas – The centre engages with various corporates, start-ups, academicians, and researchers. The digital innovation program at FORE School of Management brings them on a common platform from time to time and discusses various digital innovation ideas.

Achievements of the Centre

  • The centre is headed by Prof Antarpreet Singh, who has been spearheading digital transformation awareness and the rise of the digital economy of India on PAN India basis. Prof Singh has advised several corporates, startups, and educational institutes, and has held several workshops on Digital Innovation, transformation, and adoption of Digital technologies including Artificial Intelligence
  • Prof Rakhi Tripathi, the previous head of the centre along with a professor from King's College London had received a research grant from the British Academy. They have been working on a project 'Disconnected infrastructure and violence against women: innovating Digital Technologies to address violence against women'.


- FORE International Conference on Digital Innovation 2018

- FORE MDP on Digital Transformation in a post Covid19 age - Building a Digital Enterprise July 06, 2022
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Centre contact details:, Tel: 011-41242463

Executive Education/MDPs

FORE School of Management has been designing, developing and conducting innovative Executive Education (EE)/ Management Development Programmes (MDPs) for working executives in India for over three decades.