ANTAR is a Social Committee of the FORE School of Management. Team Antar was established in February 2009 with a vision to bring smiles on thousands of faces. The mission of the ANTAR is to be the catalyst to drive those who are socially aware and be a medium of awareness for the incognizant. Being managers who would be molding the world for future generations, we understand and imbibe in them the concepts of giving back to society through the various activities that team ANTAR undertake. Over 7 years, team ANTAR has established tie ups and linkages with various NGOs and reputed non-profit organizations.
ANTAR organize various flagship events during an academic year and the event are as follows:

RAKHTDAAN (Blood Donation)

The basic motto of RAKHTDAAN is YOU DON'T NEED TO BE A DOCTOR TO SAVE LIVES.Team ANTAR in association with FORE Sports and Cultural Division and ROTARY CLUB, Civil Lines, New Delhi organized Rakhtdaan. One hundred fourteen (114) students and faculty members donated blood in AY 2015-16


Abhiwadan is a flagship event organized by Team ANTAR in association with Help-age India. It is a cultural event wherein senior citizens from various old age homes are invited & various fun activities are being organized for them. This year our institute was able to grace the presence of 60 senior citizens from old age homes like Nirmal Chhaya, Sandhya, Aradhna and Kartar Bridh Ghar. The event witnessed a healthy participation from the students of FORE this year. There were many students who volunteered for the event and made it a success. Students performed dance, skit and singing etc. Special performances by the faculty also graced the event. The senior people also participated with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. They sang, tapped their foot and shared their experiences with all the students. It was a special day for all the students of FORE. The smiling face of these guests gave a wonderful sense of satisfaction to TEAM ANTAR knowing that their little efforts have paid off.


Prerna is a flagship event of Antar held every year during the annual management fest GENESIS of FORE School of Management. Prerna is a case study competition based on a social issue prevalent in the society. Many students from colleges across Delhi register for the event. A case study is provided to the teams based on which they submit an executive summary for their planned solutions. The shortlisted teams are selected and they present their presentations to esteem judges on board. It is an initiative to impart sense of responsibility and concern for social cause.

SANRAKSHAN (Plantation Drive)

Students from FORE school of management plant saplings in the nearby offices and institutes. Initially the members go to various institutes to get permission in order to carry out the event Then the students go to their designated institute and plant different saplings. ranges from Guava, Roses and Lavender etc.


Team organizes Vastrasamman in association with NGO-Goonj. Through this campaign, faculty, students and staff of FORE are encouraged to donate their old/new clothes, utensils, footwear, dry ration, sewing machine, umbrellas, newspapers, magazines, stationary, woolens etc. The event is extended to 2 months period from September to November usually. More than 400kgs of materials is collected every year which is handed over to Goonj which is further channelized to small villages of the country.


Rice Bucket Challenge 2015 was organized as a part of which the students collected rice/pulses and handed over to an NGO BHOOMI, New Delhi in the month of December 2015 for distribution in recently flood affected areas of Chennai.


Aashayein is an event organized in association with Salaam Baalak Trust where the students make a visit to DMRC Shelter home, near Tis Hazari metro station, New Delhi, every year.The cost of a smile is just another smile”. This idea is epitomized in a day, and this is the idea Aashayein is based upon- to make one day in a child’s life special. Students of FORE School of Management, play games, perform skit etc to create awareness about education among these kids and motivate them to go to school.


Jagrukta is the flagship event of team ANTAR at GENESIS- the annual management fest at FORE School of Management. It is a NUKKAD NATAK event which gives a platform to the performers to express their emotions by portraying various characters. It has been a big hit over the past years in spreading and creating awareness about widespread social ills and issues within the country by initiating a call for action to issues like war in the name of religion, juvenile crimes etc. The event has seen a huge participation from various prestigious B-schools across the country and by various teams from colleges across Delhi University.

For pictures and details regarding each event check out Team ANTAR


Team ANTAR :

  • Saloni (Coordinator)

  • Megha Bhola (Co-coordinator)

  • Nikita Sharma (Member)

  • Nav Nagpal (Member)

  • Rohan Punjabi (Member)

  • Nachiketa Madaan (Member)

  • Priyanka Gupta (Member)

  • Yogesh (Member)

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