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Center for Research and Innovation in Frugal Technology Management (CRIFT)

Center for Research and Innovation in Frugal Technology Management (CRIFT)

FORE School of Management has set up a new Center of Excellence in the area of Frugal Innovations which will be called “Center for Research and Innovation in Frugal Technology Management” (CRIFT). The Center, a first of its kind in India, focuses on researching, promoting, and implementing frugal innovations. CRIFT members work closely with many industries and institutions, collaborating across the globe to contribute to the body of knowledge in the area of frugal innovations, seeking market-ready and commercially feasible frugal innovations.

Technological innovations can take several forms. Frugal Innovations is one such branch that emerged in the evolving market space. It involves redesigning products and processes to cut out unnecessary costs. In the context of emerging markets, frugal innovation is not just a matter of exploiting cheap labor, but rather about creating value through resource rationing. Commercial enterprises and social enterprises today, employ the idea of frugal innovation and direct it towards solving sustainability challenges across ‘Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP)’ markets. Frugal innovations and technology also bear the potential to contribute towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Frugal innovations and technologies reduce complexity and total lifecycle costs, enhance functionality, provide high user value and affordable solutions for relatively low-income customers. However, over time, this approach has cut across the borders of geography and industry, aiming to transcend the gap between developed and developing nations. Fortunately, frugal innovations can be developed by profit-driven businesses, social entrepreneurs or NGOs, and by community members to address local constraints. The corporate world has developed an active interest in Frugal Innovation, given the need for evolving business practices and growing constraints.

In this context, CRIFT serves an important role in forming a body of knowledge for frugal innovation and technology, with the aim of bridging the gap between early innovation to mainstream implementation. Formed at the FORE School of Management, the Centre for Research and Innovation in Frugal Technology Management (CRIFT) aims to nourish the research and development of frugal approaches to innovation.


To Acquire Global Thought Leadership in Frugal Innovation


  • The Center will explore, develop, and share knowledge of frugal innovation. The proposed Center would be a multidisciplinary hub for developing, synthesizing, and sharing academic and practitioner knowledge on frugal innovation. We aim to use and share this knowledge to contribute to addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).
  • The Center will work with the corporate sector, startup community, academic institutions, societal partners, government, etc. to combine academic research and more practical approaches with a range of disciplines and sources of expertise. The Center aims at capturing the multidisciplinary character of frugal innovations and technologies.


  • To research, generate, and disseminate knowledge on frugal innovation
  • To evolve academic projects on frugal innovation to products and practices
  • To facilitate the conversion of “ideas to action” and become a repository of “best practices”
  • To act as an industry-academia interface on frugal innovation
  • To integrate multiple perspectives, agglomerate approaches, and ideas on frugal innovation
  • To organize workshops and roundtable discussions as a vantage point on the subject yearly
  • Develop skill sets to make a positive impact on society

Scope for Collaborations:

  • To create case studies/articles/commentaries on frugal innovation in India
  • To carry out independent/collaborative/sponsored projects
  • To conduct surveys, and participative, theory building, and empirical research
  • To create a database of frugal innovations and enable future research projects
  • To act as an enabler/aggregator to synergize collaboration across firms and people involved with limited focus on frugal/open innovation
  • To organize workshops and training programs for value creation through frugal thinking
  • To facilitate convergent thinking by organizing conferences, thematic discussions, and symposiums
  • To invoke, sensitize, and propagate the principles of frugal innovation among students, media, and the public
  • To comply with government policy reviews, from formulation to implementation

FORE International Conference on Frugal approach to Innovation (FICFAI)


FORE International Conference on Frugal Approach to Innovation (FICFAI) 2019, a two-day conference on December 13–14, 2019, was eighth in the series of annual international conferences hosted by FORE School of Management, New Delhi. This one of its kind of conference in India was spearheaded by the Centre for Research and Frugal Innovation Technology Management (CRIFT). FICFAI 2019 hosted eminent participants from across the globe – with the primary goal of exploring creating and disseminating knowledge on a “frugal approach to innovation” to enable real-world solutions. FICFAI 2019 conference theme could address the niche and appeal to scholars in the innovation domain. With around 35 invited speakers in plenary sessions in addition to academic presentations by scholars from the USA and Spain and institutes like IIT Kanpur, IIT Guwahati, EDII Ahmedabad, NID Ahmedabad and DU alike, FICFAI 2019 have contributed in modest capabilities towards contributing to the body of knowledge in understanding of “Frugal Innovation”.

FICFAI 2019 acted as a platform for like-minded organizations and research centers to come together for the cause of “frugal innovations”. FICFAI had Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa (CFIA), The Australasian Frugal Innovation Network (AFIN), and The Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI) Paris as the academic partners. FICFAI was associated with the InnoFrugal, Smart Village Movement (SVM), ICE&SDGs (Hyderabad), and Maker's Asylum as its knowledge partners; and PotHoleRaja, Sanshodhan, SunMoksha and CLEAN (Clean Energy Access Network) as its industry partners. The conference is being supported by YuKTI - Yogya Kalakriti ki Taknike (IIT Kanpur) and Center for Frugal Innovation (TIM/TUHH, Germany). Srijan Sanchar (Nagpur) has been a long-standing innovation partner to CRIFT.

To learn more, visit:

Center Head: Prof. Anil Kumar Singh

Faculty Member:Prof. Mukul Joshi


Events Calendar

Astitva 2.0 October 2020
Rural to Frugal November 2020
Astitva 3.0 December 2020
Workshop January 2021
Fruganomics(Simulation-based) February 2021
Round Table Conference- 03 February 2021
Distribution challenge March 2021



Shubhangi Gupta (Coordinator)
Priyanshu Gupta (Co-coordinator)
Saumya Prasoon
Shrestha Misra
Shashwat Sharma
Sankalpa Kumar
Asmita Pant
Priya Mishra


Executive Education/MDPs

FORE School of Management has been designing, developing and conducting innovative Executive Education (EE)/ Management Development Programmes (MDPs) for working executives in India for over three decades.