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Faculty Publications 2016

Author's Name Article Title Publications Details
Gautam, Savita & Verma, Sumati Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between INDIA & JAPAN: An Analysis of Product Tariff Reduction and Consumer Welfare of Select Sector Working paper 1089 F.R.E.I.T. Forum for Research on Empirical International Trade
Sharma, Mohita. G., Debnath, Roma. M., Oloruntoba, Richard & Sharma, Sachinder. M Benchmarking of rail transport service performance through DEA for Indian railways International Journal of Logistics Management, Vol. 27, No. 3, 2016, ISSN : 0957-4093
Gupta, Ambrish Shalok Healthcare Ltd. The Case Centre, North America, Case Study-Reference No. 116-0106-1, 2016
Gupta, Ambrish Majestic Apparels Ltd: Exploring the Possibility of Floating an IPO for Financing the Expansion Plan and Alternative Strategy The Case Centre, North America, Case Study-Reference No. 116-0091-1, 2016
Taneja, Shallini & Taneja, Pawan Kumar Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) for Universal Health Coverage Asian Journal of Management Cases (AJMC), SAGE Publications, Vol. 13 No. 2, 2016
Ahmed, Faisal & Singh, Vipul Kumar Econometric Analysis of Financial Cointegration of Least Developed Countries (LDC's) of Asia and the Pacific China Finance Review International, Vol. 6 No. 2, 2016, ISSN : 2044-1398
Raina, Reeta & Chauhan, Rajneesh Organizational Socialization & Work Related Attitudes in India's Uncertainty Culture Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol. 52 No. 2, October 2016, ISSN : 0019-5308
Arora, Hitesh & Arora, Padmasai Performance of Local Area Banks in India : An Empirical Study (2003-2012) International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, Vol. 13 No. 3, 2016, ISSN : 1753-0896
Sharma , Mohita. G & Kumar, Gopal Prioritizing Quality of Product and Sevice Dimensions with Respect to a Product - Service System in the Public Transport Sector Quality Management Journal, Vol. 23 No. 4, 2016, ISSN :1068-6967
Sharma , Mohita. G & Sharma, Sachinder. M Risk, Determinants and Perspective for Creating a Railway Biodiesel Supply Chain : Case study of India Journal of Cleaner Production, 133, 2016, ISSN : 0959-6526
Basu, Sriparna Multiple Paths to Globalisation The India-China Story In Paramita Mukherjee., Arnab K. Deb., & Miao Pang (eds.), China and India History, Culture, Cooperation and Competition (pp.121-132), Los Angeles: London: New Delhi: Singapore: Washington DC: Melbourne: SAGE Publications
Narula, Anupam., Taneja, Shallini & Tyagi, Abhishek The Changing Trends in Biscuits Consumption Pattern: A Study of McVities Digestive Biscuits in Jaipur Abhigyan, Vol. 34 No. 2, July – September 2016, ISSN: 0970-2385
Das, J.K. Prakash, Om & Khattri, Varsha Brand Image Mapping: A Study on Bathing Soaps Global Business Review, Vol.17 No. 4, 2016, ISSN : 0972-1509.
Sharma, Mohita.G., Das, J.K. & Singh, K.N. Greendust: Revolutionizing The Returns Process Ivey Case Study, Ivey Publishing. Ivey Business School at Western Ontario. Case Study Reference No. 9B16D010, 2016
Raina, Reeta & Zameer, Asif A Study of Non- Verbal Immediacy Behaviour from the Perspective of Indian Cultural Context, Gender and Experience International Journal of Culture and Business Management, Vol. 13 No. 1, 2016, ISSN : 1753-0806
Singh, Kanhaiya & Singh, Poonam Exploring Synergies in Bank Mergers : A Case Study Finance India,Vol. 30 No. 1, March 2016, ISSN : 0970 – 3772
Raina, Reeta Exploring the Correlation between the Efficacy of Intra-Level Communication and Organizational Effectiveness in Relation To Indian Automotive Sector Abhigyan, Vol. 34 No. 1, April - June 2016,ISSN: 0970-2385
Kumar, Alok & Chanda, Udayan Economic Order Quantity Model for New Product Under Fuzzy Environment where Demand Follows Innovation Diffusion Process with Salvage Value International Journal of Procurement Management, Vol. 9 No. 3, 2016, ISSN : 1753 - 8432
Joshi, Himanshu Fx Equity Exposure and Foreign Exchange Rate Sensitivity of Stock Prices : A Study of Exporting and Importing Firms in India Abhigyan, Vol. 33 No. 4, January – March 2016, ISSN: 0970-2385
Raina, Reeta & Zameer, Asif Communication Competence of the Professionals form Indian and Turkey The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol. 51 No. 3, January 2016, ISSN : 0019-5286
Kumar, Divesh., Rahman Zillur, &, T. S Chan, Felix A Fuzzy AHP and fuzzy Multi – Objective Linear Programming Model for Order Allocation in a Sustainable Supply Chain : A Case Study International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Online ISSN : 1362-3052
Zameer, Asif., Malik, Summaira., Khaliq, Hameed Imran & Uzair, Lubna Determinants of Consumer Satisfaction at Supermarkets : An Empirical Study from Pakistan Science International (Lahore), Vol. 28 No. 1, Jan – Feb 2016, ISSN : 1013-5316

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