Entrepreneurship Course in India: A Top Choice Among Youngsters

Entrepreneurship is the willingness to take risks, plan, organise, simplify, and execute a new business idea in a dynamic international economy. Entrepreneurship is distinguished by employment creation as opposed to job seeking. Entrepreneurs are self-motivated, imaginative individuals who strive to develop one-of-a-kind products and services. Entrepreneurship is a challenging but rewarding endeavour. A couple of decades ago, Indians were only concerned with well-defined, time-tested career choices. Youngsters used to follow in their parents’ footsteps and chose a secure career. Today, entrepreneurship in India is one of the most popular career paths for young people for the following reasons: The desire to develop and implement a business plan from the ground up. The aspiration… Read More

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Entrepreneurship Development in India

A self-made individual who takes financial risks in setting up a business for profit is called an entrepreneur. Today, amidst a struggling economy, India has witnessed many start-up success stories including Flipkart, OYO, Ola Cabs, BookMyShow, Nykaa, Big Basket, and Swiggy to name a few. However, all self-employed people cannot call themselves entrepreneurs. The potential for growth and economic impact is what truly defines an entrepreneurial business. “Startups have emerged as engines of growth for our economy. Entrepreneurship has always been the strength of India. Even today, young men and women have given up greener pastures elsewhere to contribute to India’s growth. They are risk-taking and come up with disruptive… Read More

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