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Faculty Publications 2015

Author's Name Article Title Publications Details
Singh, Poonam & Singh, Kanhaiya Synergic Advantages of Mergers & Acquisitions - A Case Study on Private Sector Banks in India The Case Centre (Formerly : European Case Cleaning House), Case Study Reference no. FIN-1-0013,2015
Jain, Shilpi & Jaiswal, Mahadeo P Birlasoft Inc. - Sales Force Automation at Crisis : Software as a Service (SaaS) or Software as a Product (SaaP) (A) Asian Case Research Journal, Vol. 19 No. 2, 2015 ISSN : 0218 - 9275
Bhardwaj, Rajesh Scientometric Analysis and Dimensions on International Business Literature Scientometrics, Vol. 106 No. 1, 2015, ISSN : 0138-9130
Singh, Poonam & Singh, Kanhaiya Efficiency Assessment Parameters of Public Sector Banks in India Global Business Review, Vol. 16 No. 6, 2015, ISSN : 0972 -1509
Sharma, Gangwar Mohita & Srivastava, Samir K. Leveraging the Social Welfare Chain to Provide Resilience During Disaster International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications, available online
Gupta, Ambrish Regulatory Framework of Corporate Governance in Italy and Related Corporate Practices Indian Journal of Research in Capital Markets, Vol. 2 No. 3, 2015, ISSN: 2394 - 3459
Lal, Anita Tripathy Women Entrepreneurs in India – Over the Years! Abhigyan, Vol. 33 No. 2, 2015, ISSN : 0970 - 2385
Gupta, Ambrish Mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility Obligation in India : Issues, Challenges and Opportunities Abhigyan, Vol. 33 No. 3, 2015, ISSN : 0970 - 2385
Jain, Nikunj Kumar Gajjar, Hasmukh Shah, Bhavin J. & Sadh, Ashish A Conceptual Framework for Measuring E -fulfillment Dimensions : A Consumer Perspective Journal of Internet Commerce, 14, 2015, ISSN : 1533 - 2861
Arora, Hitesh & Arora, Padmasai Service Quality Dimensions: An Empirical Investigation of Commercial Banks in India Using SERVQUAL International Journal Services and Operations Management , Vol. 21 No. 1, 2015, ISSN : 1744 - 2370
Sahi, Shalini Kalra & Dutta, Vinay Perceived attitudes towards sudden wealth: An exploratory study International Journal Indian Culture & Business Management Vol. 11 No. 2, 2015, ISSN : 1753 - 0806
Dutta, Vinay Thumb Rules-When they Work and When they Don’t Financial Planning Journal, February-March 2015
Singh,Anil K & Burhan, Muqbil Factors influencing organizational change and health – Evidences from the Indian pharmaceutical sector Journal of Business Chemistry, Vol. 12 No. 3, October 2015, ISSN : 1613 - 9623
Chauhan,Rajneesh Off shoring ERP implementation: Critical success factors in European perspective In Darshana, Sedera., Norbert, Gronau., Mary, Sumner (Eds) Enterprise systems – Strategic, organizational and technological dimensions (pp.85-94)Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.
Dutta, Vinay The Power of Storytelling in Financial Advisory Financial Planning Journal, April – May 2015
Zameer, Qazi Asif & Devasagayam Raj Cognitive Dissonance and Buyer’s Coping Mechanisms : A Comparative Study of US and Indian Consumers International Journal of Business Administration, Vol. 6 No. 3, 2015, ISSN : 1923 - 4007
Zameer, Qazi Asif Italian Luxury Brands in India: Opportunities and Challenges Abhigyan, Vol. 33 No. 1, 2015, ISSN : 0970 - 2385
Bhatt, Prachi & Jain Neetu Employment Preferences of Job Applicants : Unfolding Employer Branding Determinants Journal of Management Development, Vol. 34 No. 6, 2015, ISSN : 0262 - 1711
Jain, Anshul & Bindumadhavan, K. India Holiday Bureau: Planning for the Tourist Season (Case Study) Ivey Publishing, Case Study Reference no. 9B15E013, 2015
Gupta, Ambrish Rajasthan Cement Ltd. (Case Study) The Case Centre UK/USA, Case Study Reference no. 115-038-1, 2015
Gupta, Ambrish Compliance with Non-Mandatory (Voluntary) Norms of Corporate Governance: Evidence from India’ Indian Journal of Finance, Vol. 9 No. 3, 2015, ISSN : 0973 - 8711
Gupta, Vandana A Study Of Leveraged Buyouts by the Tata Group in India International Journal of Business Strategy, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2015, ISSN : 1553 - 9563
Gupta, Vandana Identifying Qualitative Factors That Lead to Failed Mergers International Journal of Strategic Management, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2015, ISSN : 1555 - 2411
Dutta, Vinay Couples and Money Management-Engaging Both Partners for Comprehensive Advisories Financial Planning Journal, December 2014-January 2015
Swaminathan, Freda Bansal, Ipshita The Uncommon Sense of Advertising-Understanding Contemporary Advertising Appeals in Print of Top Advertisers in India Abhigyan, Vol. 32, No.4, 2015, ISSN : 0970 - 2385
Raina, Reeta
Roebuck, Deborah Britt
Bell, Reginald
& Lee, Cheng Ean (Catherine)
Comparing Perceived Listening Behaviour Differences between Managers and Non-managers in the United States , India and Malaysia International Journal of Business Communication (Online)

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