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  • Prof. Mohita Gangwar Sharma on her experience of presenting research at an international seminar at Leeds University Business School Why Indian B-Schools are shifting to Research and Innovation to be differentiated?

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  • Demonetization – A boon for MBA Placements

    Prof. (Dr.) Rajneesh Chauhan, Chair Placements, FORE School of Management, New Delhi

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  • Despite surpassing many of the placement statistics this year, FORE School of Management has remained under reported. This needs to change.

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  • Prof. Sanghamitra Buddhapriya, Executive Chairperson–Admissions, FORE School of Management, New Delhi

    The number of applicants for the Common Admission Test (CAT) has increased this year, after a steady fall for the past two years -there were 2,14,068 applicants this year.

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  • Dr. Faisal Ahmed, FORE School of Management Faculty – “Considering Huge Economic Asymmetries G20 Should Advocate Additional Aid-For-Trade Allocation For Poor Countries.

    ” On the eve of the G20 talks at Los Cabos, Mexico on 18th and 19th June 2012, Dr Faisal Ahmed, Associate Professor of International Business at FORE School of Management, New Delhi

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  • Professors of FORE School of Management, New Delhi prepare a report on ‘Financial Inclusion’

    In a recent article published in the Financial Planning Journal (Oct-Nov 2012) titled “Changing Paradigm - Financial Planning for Women Clients”, FORE’s Prof. Vinay Kumar Dutta highlights the need for financial planners to change their methods to cater to the growing number of Indian women moving toward financial freedom.

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  • Professor Anil Kumar Singh, Chair, Strategy takes us through the steps that create better strategists, managers, and leaders of tomorrow

    Strategy is all about value creation and value maximization. Strategies are absolutely crucial in today’s business world, where the competition is dynamic and keeps getting intense every passing day. Therefore, it’s important that business managers of tomorrow are equipped with the required skills and ability to counter all those snags and also create value for their organizations. FORE School of Management, New Delhi’s carefully crafted courses in Strategy aim to develop analytical and diagnostic skills in students and prepare them for key decision-making roles across sectors and industries.

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  • Prof. Neeraj Kumar, Chair, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource shares how industry inputs for courses, training, and research benefit students

    Organizational Behaviour (OB) and Human Resource (HR) are of vital significance to all organizations. With the growing influence of technology, there have been questions about the role of HR professionals in industry. With the right training, I believe, there can be a strong level of preparedness among future HR professionals to incorporate these digital advancements in their functioning. At FORE School of Management, we try to bring about that preparedness by evolving our curriculum with industry inputs, Management Development Programs (MDPs), and focus on research.

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  • Prof. Ashok Kumar Harnal (Professor, FSM),  tells us how flexibility keeps courses evolving, engaging, and innovative for students

    Information Technology (IT) is increasingly becoming important in business and management. The subject has been primarily used for increasing productivity, efficiency and reducing the operational cost. But now it has become the key driver for sustainability and innovation in the corporate. Therefore, IT courses are integral part of any management school curricula. It is an assumption that Information Technology (IT) courses for MBA are too technical in nature. But that’s not the reality, the courses are designed with the manager’s perspective.

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  • How PGDM (International Business) Accelerates Careers options

    Stemmed from the idea of producing global managers to cater to the increasing demand from the national and international business organizations, PGDM-International Business program at FORE strives to transform students into international managers to work in global business environments. This unique program equips young management students to become industry ready for jobs in this globalization era. Students gather an understanding of various management functions and practices in the global market and learn to develop strategies to tackle international business scenarios.

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Executive Education/MDPs

FORE School of Management has been designing, developing and conducting innovative Executive Education (EE)/ Management Development Programmes (MDPs) for working executives in India for over three decades.