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Working Paper 2016

Working Paper No. Title Author's Name
WP 2016/34 The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Workplace Behavior: A Study of Bank Employees Basu, Sriparna
WP 2016/33 Effective Marketing Strategy using Two-warehouse Inventory Model Kumar, Alok
WP 2016/32 Corporate Risk Management, Firms’ Characteristics and Shareholders’ Value Creation Joshi, Himanshu
WP 2016/31 Success and Failure Indicators of International Mergers: Evidence from Indian Acquirer Firms Gupta, Vandana
WP 2016/30 Corporate Social Disclosures and Reporting Practices
in Vietnamese companies
Taneja, Shallini
WP 2016/29 Xin Chao….Are you ready for Business Negotiations….!? Lal, Anita Tripathy
WP 2016/28 Taj’s African Safari:
Will Indian Tigers Adapt to African Grasslands?
Anand, Mohit
WP 2016/27 Investigating the Correlation between Organizational Socialization and Work Related Attitudes in the Uncertainty Context of India Raina, Reeta & Chauhan, Rajneesh
WP 2016/26 Asian ‘Brain Drain’ to the United States:
A Comparison of Skill Quality of Indians, Chinese, Philippines and Vietnamese vis-à-vis Native Americans
Potnuru, Basant K
WP 2016/25 Waiting in the Wings @ SGH Bhatt, Prachi & Kaur, Sumeet
WP 2016/24 Status of Women in Post-Revolution Viet Nam: The Battle for Parity Continues Buddhapriya, Sanghamitra
WP 2016/23 Seeking Interpersonal Needs Gratification through Social Media Networking Raina ,Reeta
WP 2016/22 Multiple Paths to Globalization: The India-China Story Basu, Sriparna
WP 2016/21 Creativity and Innovation in Vietnam – A Perspective Swaminathan, Freda
WP 2016/20 The Silence of the Alienated: The Slippery Confluence of Employee Silence and Alienation Basu, Sriparna & Aeron, Prageet
WP 2016/19 Consumer Buying Trends in Emerging Economies: A Case let of Vietnam Narula, Anupam
WP 2016/18 A Study of Organized Retail Plus Opportunities and Challenges for Online Retail in Vietnam Zameer, Asif
WP 2016/17 Global Equity Allocation and Frontier Markets: A Case of Vietnam Joshi, Himanshu
WP 2016/16 Financial System Reforms in Vietnam- A Perspective Singh, Kanhaiya
WP 2016/15 Innovative Marketing Practices of Global e-Business Firms and its Impact on Firm Valuation Narula, Anupam & Joshi, Himanshu
WP 2016/14 Salient Features of the Law of Securities in Vietnam with Specific Reference to Securities Offerings in the Vietnamese Capital Market Gupta, Ambrish
WP 2016/13 Towards An Understanding of Sustainability Reporting Practices: Developments and Significance Taneja, Shallini
WP 2016/12 Indian Medical Education, Migration of Doctors and Sustainable Workforce Potnuru, Basant K.
WP 2016/11 ‘From Information to Interaction Online’: An Analysis of Websites of Higher Education Institutions in India Tripathi, Rakhi
WP 2016/10 Exploring the Efficacy of Using Theatre Techniques for the Purpose of Knowledge Transfer Raina, Reeta
WP 2016/09 Identifying Key Predictors of Default for Indian Companies using Cox Regression Gupta, Vandana
WP 2016/08 An Inventory Model with Dynamic Advertising Effects Kumar, Alok
WP 2016/07 Changing Pattern of HR Practices in Indian Banking Organisations Bhatt, Prachi
WP 2016/06 Constructing International Equity Portfolio for BRIC Nations using Modified Global CAPM Returns Joshi, Himanshu
WP 2016/05 Identifying Key Parameters that Lead to the Success or Failure of a Merger Deal Using Discriminant Analysis and Logistic Regression Gupta, Vandana
WP 2016/04 Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Total Factor Productivity in Vietnam Bera, Subhasis
WP 2016/03 Corporate Debt Restructuring and its Impact on Financial Performance Gupta, Vandana
WP 2016/02 Financial Inclusion and Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana - A Critical Analysis and Way Forward Anand, Mohit
WP 2016/01 Innovation Diffusion Based Inventory Model Under Repeat Purchase Condition Kumar, Alok

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