Machine Learning Program

Unlocking Potential with Machine Learning: Why FORE is Your Path to Success?

In today’s modern technological landscape, machine learning stands out as a transformative force driving innovation across industries. From personalized recommendations on streaming platforms to advanced medical diagnostics, the applications of machine learning are vast and impactful. At the forefront of providing top-notch education in this field is the FORE School of Management, a leading institution renowned for its commitment to excellence and industry-relevant learning. Diving Deep into the World of Machine Learning            Machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, empowers systems to learn from data and make predictions or decisions without explicit programming. Its applications span diverse sectors, including finance, healthcare, marketing, and more. As the demand for professionals skilled… Read More

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Employee Engagement through Digital Transformation of HR

Digital technologies enable, disrupt, and transform all business functions, and Human Resource Management (HRM) is no different. Normally we think of HRM as a very personal and interaction-based function that isn’t amiable to digital transformation. This is far from true; let’s see how and why. First, let’s see what we mean by ‘Digital Transformation of HR’. The term refers to the process by which businesses adopt digital HR tools and approaches to improve employee performance and employee experience and enhance organizational performance using data-driven practices, including automation, analytics, chatbots, etc. For instance, one would be surprised at how much initial resume screening is done using Artificial Intelligence these days! Digitalization… Read More

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Neuromarketing – An Interesting Approach for Modern Consumers

What motivates consumers to purchase specific brands? How can we tell if a television commercial will be successful? And how should a store be set up? These are crucial questions in the field of neuromarketing. But what exactly isneuromarketing? Is everything about research? Is it also about putting theories into practice? And what role does psychology play in this?  There are a lot of doubts revolving around neuromarketing. We’ve curated this blog post that helps clear out all of these doubts and provides a better understanding of neuroscience and marketing. What is neuromarketing? Neuromarketing is a strategic approach that implements neuroscience and behavioural science knowledge to precisely determine customer needs,… Read More

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Supply Chain Analytics: Meaning, Types, and Career Scope

Supply chain analyticsis a booming industry as researchers, companies, and other stakeholders have started exploring ways to use this data to better understand the business. Supply chain analytics provides decision-making tools for supply chain managers to improve their performance and enable better decisions about deliveries. To understand supply chain analytics better, this guide will give an overview of supply chain analytics, including its different types and career scope. What is supply chain analytics? Supply chain analytics is the analysis of data to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s supply chain. The data used in supply chain analytics can come from a variety of sources, including sales data, production… Read More

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Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Analytics and Its Importance in The New Age

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the healthcare paradigm thrusting it toward accelerated digitisation. With an increase in remote healthcare and telehealth calls, analytics in the healthcare industry will soon be the future of enhancing quality and progressions. It is, therefore, necessary to dig deeper into what is healthcare analytics, the types of healthcare analytics in practice, and why healthcare analytics is important for the industry’s growth. What is Healthcare Analytics? In simple terms, Healthcare analytics refers to the collection and analysis of data in the healthcare sector that fosters development and the decision-making process through insights. These insights can range from diagnosis to treatments to efficiency of healthcare providers and give… Read More

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