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Working Paper 2017

Working Paper No. Title Author's Name
WP 2017/32 Developing National Innovation Systems for Sustainable Growth: A Case of Russian Federation Burhan, Muqbil
WP 2017/31 Measurement of Digital Divide among Indian States Bera, Subhasis; Chauhan, Rajneesh & Batra, Charu
WP 2017/30 From Russia with Love: Exploring Brands in Russia Swaminathan, Freda
WP 2017/29 Emerging Market Multinationals Embracing Heterogeneity: Building Social Identity through Communication Basu, Sriparna & Majumdar, Bishakha
WP 2017/28 Does an Eye Contact or a Soft Tone of the Teacher help in Creating Supportive Learning Environment in the MBA Class? Raina, Reeta
WP 2017/27 Organizational Socialization: Differences In Consequences Between Employees From Nations With High And Low Uncertainty Avoidance Raina, Reeta & Chauhan, Rajneesh
WP 2017/26 Demonetisation to Oust Black Money: A Success or Failure? Potnuru , Basant K.
WP 2017/25 Women of Russia: Betwixt Ambition and Tradition Buddhapriya, Sanghamitra
WP 2017/24 New Product Launch and Stock Returns: Evidence from the Period of Demonetization in India Joshi, Himanshu
WP 2017/23 Inventory Model under Changed Diffusion and Adoption Process Kumar, Alok
WP 2017/22 Employee Performance Review System in Russian Companies: An Overview Jaiswal, Priyanka
WP 2017/21 Banking Sectors in the Russian Federation and India A Comparison Dutta, Vinay Kumar
WP 2017/20 Web Analytics for Higher Education Institution Websites in India: Need of the Hour Tripathi, Rakhi 
WP 2017/19 Can You Handle the Truth? A Study of the Antecedents and Post-Behavior Rationalization of Deceptive eWOM Kapoor, Payal S. 
WP 2017/18 An Analysis of the Innovation Ecosystem of Russia based on the Global Innovation Index (GII) Reports Sharma, Mohita G. 
WP 2017/17 Impact of Two Levels of Trade Credit Financing on Economic Ordering Policy for New Products Kumar, Alok
WP 2017/16 Modeling the relationship between the Price of an Indian Exchange Traded Fund(ETF) vs NAV Sethi, Raman
WP 2017/15 Russian Rubble Exchange Rate: A Univariate Time Series Analysis Joshi, Himanshu
WP 2017/14 Russia: A Study of the Food and Grocery Retail Sector Zameer, Asif
WP 2017/13 Disinvestment and Firm Performance- A Comparative Analysis of Strategic Sale vs. Public Offerings by Indian Pubic Sector Enterprises Joshi, Himanshu
WP 2017/12 An Empirical Study on Eye Care Hospital Selection Decision of Patients: A Research of Medfort Eye Care Hospitals at Delhi Narula, Anupam
WP 2017/11 A Research Study on Shopper’s Behavior in Russia: Marketing Opportunities Narula, Anupam
WP 2017/10 Changing Culture in the Indian IT firms: Assessing the Cultural Dimensions Bhatt, Prachi
WP 2017/09 Factors Determining the Dividend Policy of a Company Gupta, Vandana
WP 2017/08 Role of Web Analytics for a Transactional E-government Portal: A Comparative Study of Indian and Russian Railway Portals Tripathi, Rakhi
WP 2017/07 Cyber-attack and COO effect on Russian Software Industry Bera, Subhasis
WP 2017/06 Comparative Study of Financial Performance of Bank of Russia and Reserve Bank of India Gupta, Ambrish
WP 2017/05 GOONJ: Essence of Sustainability & Scalability of
Social Ventures – Case Study
Basu, Sriparna
WP 2017/04 Is Face-to –Face Communication Today Losing its Relevance in the Digital world Raina, Reeta
WP 2017/03 Impact of Organizational and Target’s Machiavellianism on use of Upward and Downward Impression Management Tactics Jaiswal, Priyanka
WP 2017/02 Mapping Organizational Change Configurations with Dynamic Capabilities Singh, Anil Kumar
WP 2017/01 Employee Perception about Jobs and Organisations’ Orientations in the Context of Change Bhatt , Prachi

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