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Working Papers 2014

Working Paper No. Title Author's Name
WP 2014/17 Uzbekistan: A Study of the Role of Transport Infrastructure in Development of an Emerging Economy Zameer, Qazi Asif
WP 2014/16 A Dialogical Model of Market Building in Emerging Markets Anand, Mohit
WP 2014/15 Insights in to Corporate Governance Principles in Italy and Related Practices as Per CONSOB Report 2013 Gupta, Ambrish
WP 2014/14 eWord of Mouth via Social Media: Role of Source and Message Credibility Cues on Social Networking Site Facebook Kapoor, Payal S. 
R, Jayasimha K. 
Sadh, Ashish
WP 2014/13 Determining What Factors Affect Violent Crimes : A Study in India and Italy Kaur, Sumeet
WP 2014/12 Amtek Auto’s Acquisition of Neumayer Tekfor Group: Case Study of Cross Border M&A between India and Italy Gupta, Vandana
WP 2014/11 Beyond Long-Standing Doctrine of Assessing Culture: Focusing on Other Uncharted Factors Contributing to ‘Italian Way’ of Cross-Cultural Management Bhatt, Prachi
WP 2014/10 Women in Italy from Renaissance to Present Times Buddhapriya, Sanghamitra
WP 2014/09 Corporate Social Responsibility-Implications and Challenges of the Regulatory Intervention in India: The World’s First Gupta,Ambrish
WP 2014/08 How do Top Italian Apparel Brands Communicate Luxury through Advertising Swaminathan, Freda
WP 2014/07 Women Entrepreneurs in India - Over the years! Lal, Anita Tripathy
WP 2014/06 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Offshoring and Knowledge Norms – Vendor Perspective Chauhan, Rajneesh
WP 2014/05 Italian Luxury Brands in India: Opportunities and Challenges Zameer, Qazi Asif
WP 2014/04 An Examination into the Adoption of Non-mandatory Requirements of Corporate Governance Code in India Gupta ,Ambrish
WP 2014/03 Economic and Political Determinants of Bilateral FDI between Italy and India Bera ,Subhasis
WP 2014/02 Do Ownership Structure and Audit Quality Impact Default Risk? Empirical Evidence from Indian Listed Companies Gupta, Vandana
WP 2014/01 An Empirical Analysis of Default Risk for Listed Companies in India: A Comparison of Two Prediction Models Gupta, Vandana

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