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Faculty Publications 2018

Author's Name Article Title Publications Details
Prof. Himanshu Joshi Option Trading, Information Asymmetry and Firm Innovativeness: Evidence from Stock Options Trading Firms from India Theoretical Economics Letter, Vol. 8, 2018, pp. 2169-2181, ISSN: 2162-2086
Prof. Mohita Gangwar Sharma Operations Strategy (Fifth Edition) Pearson Publication
Prof. Anital Tripathy lal Hello when in Russia say- Zdravstuyte! IGI Global
Raina, Reeta., & Marchewka, Malgorzata. Chapter Title “FORE - UEK Telecollaboration 2017’ – virtual exchange in business studies ” Edited Book Anna Turula, Malgorzata Kurek, and Tim Lewis (eds.) Telecollaboration and virtual exchange across disciplines: in service of social inclusion and global citizenship, pp. 49-55, July 2019, France:
Zameer, Asif Understanding the Evolution in the Concepts of Organized Retailing in India Asian Journal of Research in Business Economics and Management (online jounal ) Vol. 9, No. 2, February 2019, pp. 1-16. ISSN 2249-7307
Jain, Shilpi., Kumar, Alok & Aeron, Prageet Revisiting Trust toward E-Retailers among Indian Online Consumers Journal of Internet Commerce, Vol. 18 No. 1, 2019,pp 45-72, ISSN: 1533-2861,  e-ISSN: 1533-287X
Swaminathan, Freda Methods for Stimulating Creativity and Innovation in Marketing Abhigyan, Vol 36 No. 4, January – March 2019, pp 20-29, ISSN : 0970-2385
Potnuru, Basant & Khadria, Binod Chapter Title “Have the “London Dreams” of Indian Doctors Come to an End? S. Irudaya Rajan (eds.), India Migration Report 2018, Migrants in Europe, pp 175-191, 2019, Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, London and New York
Gupta,  Ambrish Economic Value Added at Hindustan Unilever Limited The Case Centre, North America, Case Reference no. - 119-0004-1
Mishra, Vinaytosh, Samuel, Cherian & Sharma, K S Patient’s Utility for Various Attributes of Diabetes Care Services IIMT Kozhikode Society and Management Review, Vol. 8 No 1, 2019 pp 1-9, Print ISSN : 2277-9752 Online Print ISSN : 2321-029X
Mishra, Vinaytosh Measuring Technical Efficiency in Healthcare Service: A Case study. Pacific Business Review International, Vol. 11 No. 6, December 2018, pp 36-44, ISSN: 0974-438X, e-ISSN: 0974-438X
Ahmed, Faisal., Kumar, Pravin., Singh, Rajesh Kumar & Sinha, Prerna Determination of hierarchical relationships among sustainable development goals using interpretive structural modeling. Environment, Development and Sustainability, Vol 20 No. 5, 2018, pp 2119-2137, ISSN 1387-585x DOI 10.1007/s 10668-017-9981-1
Ahmed, Faisal & Kumar, Pravin Toward a national participation index for developing countries in the global value chains- A graph theoretic modelling approach. Journal of Modelling in Management,Vol. 13, No.2, 2018, pp 475- 494, ISSN: 1746-5664 DOI: 10.1108/JM2-07-2016-0006
Buddhapriya, Sanghamitra People Issues in Telecom Industry & HR preparedness: A study of Indian Companies. The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol 53, No.4, April 2018, ISSN: 0019-5286
Majumdar, Bishakha & Deb, Sibnath Chapter title “Heroes Begin Early : Parenting and the Development of Character Strengths”. Annesh Kumar P., Tony Sam George & Sudhesh N.T. (eds.) Character Strength Development - Perspective from Positive Attitude, pp 249-265 , 2018, Sage Publications, India
Majumdar, Bishakha Chapter title “School Principles as Leaders : Major Research Trends and Future Directions”. Sibnath Deb (ed.) Positive Schooling and Child Development- International Perspective, pp325-345, 2018, Springer Nature, Switzerland
Taneja, Shallini., Davidson, Kirk., Jun, Gyung Laura., Taneja, K. Pawan & Yin, Juelin Chapter title “Corporate Social Responsibility across Asia : A Review of Four Countries” Edited Book James Weber & David M. Wasieleski (ed.) Corporate Social Responsibility, Emerald Publishing Limited, UK, 2018, pp 73-132
Ahmed,  Faisal Preparedness and Economic Integration in Africa – A Case with Reference to APRM African and Asian Studies, Vol 17 No.3, 2018, pp 205-254, Print ISSN: 1569-2094, eISSN: 1569-2108
Madakam, Somayya, Holmukhe, M. Rajesh & Jaiswal, Kumar Durgesh The Future Digital Work Force : Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Journal of Information Systems and Technology Management, Vol.16, 2019, pp 1-16, ISSN Online : 1807 - 1775
Harshita., Singh, Shveta., & Yadav, Surendra S. Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift Anomaly in India : A Test of Market Efficiency Theoretical Economics Letter, 2018, 8, pp 3178 – 3195, ISSN Online ; 2162-2086, ISSN Print : 2162-2078
Gupta, Ambrish Evaluation of the Impact of IND AS 113 Fair Value Measurement on Financial Statements International Journal of Finance, Vol 12 (11), 2018, pp 7 – 22, ISSN 0973 - 8711
Tripathi, Rakhi 'From Information to Interaction' : Website and Social Media Usage and Trends in Top Indian Higher Education Institutions International Journal of Business Information Systems, Vol. 29 (2), 2018, pp 139-153, ISSN Online: 1746-0980, ISSN Print : 1746-0972
Basu, Sriparna & Makkar, Simarjeet Influence of Emotional Intelligence on Workplace Behavior among Bank Employees in Mumbai, India : An Assessment of the Moderating Role of Job Stress South Asian Journal of Management, Vol. 25 (3) 2018 pp 135 – 158 ISSN : 0971-5428
Joshi, Himanshu Corporate Risk Management, Firms' Characteristics and Capital Structure: Evidence from Bomby Stock Exchange( BSE) Sensex Companies Vision Vol. 22 (4), 2018 pp 1-10 eISSN: 2249 5304 ISSN: 0972 2629
Sharma, Mohita Gangwar Public Private Partnership: Prudently Treading on the Rails to Development Case Centre North America, Case Study (Reference No.618-0050-1)
Kumar Alok Chapter Title "Trade Credit Induced Inventory Model for New Products" Arabinda Tripathy, Rabi Narayan Subudhi, Srikanta Patnaik & Jyotiranjan Nayak (eds.) Operations Research in Development Sector, pp 1-14, October 2018, Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore Pvt. Ltd.
Chanda, Udayan., Kumar, Alok & Das, Jitendra Kumar Fuzzy EOQ Model of a High Technology Product Under Trial-Repeat Purchase Demand Criterion International Journal of Modelling and Simulation Vol. 38 No. 3, 2018 pp 168-179 ISSN : 0228 - 6203
Buddhapriya, Sanghamitra & Bhatt, Prachi Intrinsic Motivational Potential Inventory: Development of a Measure International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management Vol. 17 No. 4, 2018 pp 478-501 ISSN Online: 1753-0814 ISSN Print: 1753-0806
Raina, Reeta., Chauhan, Rajneesh., Sarac, Mehlika., Meydan, Bilcin & Efil, Ismail Organizational Socialization: Differences in Consequences Between Employees from Nations With High and Low Uncertainty Avoidance International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management Vol. 17 No. 3, 2018 pp 283-306 ISSN Online: 1753-0814 ISSN Print: 1753-0806
Madakam, Somayya & Holmukhe, Rajesh M Chapter Title "Songdo Smart City: An Aerotropolis and a Ubiquitous City" Nilanjan Dey & Sharvari Tamane (eds.) Big Data Analytics for Smart and Connected Cities, pp 278-298 September 2018, USA: IGI Global
Mishra, Vinaytosh., Samuel, Cherian & Sharma, S.K Supply Chain Partnership Assessment of a diabetes Clinic International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance Vol. 31 No. 6, 2018, pp 646 – 658, ISSN: 0952-6862
Mishra, Vinaytosh., Samuel, Cherian & Sharma, S.K System Modelling for Forecasting of Diabetes Prevalence Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development Vol. 9 No. 7, July 2018, pp 139 – 143, ISSN Online: 0976-506 ISSN Print: 0976-0245
Narula, Anupam & Saxena, Nidhi Impact of Work Life Balance on Job Satisfaction: A Study of Married Working Women in Private Banks of NCR Abhigyan, Vol. 36 No. 2, July - Sep 2018, pp 21 – 29, ISSN: 0970-2385.
Pandey, Piyush., Sehgal, Sanjay & Sakshi Saini Dynamics of Short and Long Term Debt Market Integration in the South Asian Economies Theoretical Economics Letter, Vol. 8, 2018, pp 2416 - 2443, ISSN Online: 2162-2086 ISSN Print: 2162-2078
Madakam, Somayya. & Bhagat, Pratima Chapter Title "Fog Computing in the IoT Environment: Principles, Features and Models" Zaigham Mahmood (ed.) Fog Computing: Concepts, Frameworks and Technologies, pp 23-43, 2018, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.
Gupta, Ambrish Comparative Analysis of Financial Performance of Bank of Russia and Reserve Bank of India The Case Centre (North America), Case Study Reference No. 118-0033-1, 2018
Kumar, Alok & Chanda, Udayan Two-warehouse Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with Demand Influenced by Innovation Criterion in Growing Technology Market Journal of Management Analytics,Vol. 5 No. 3, 2018,pp 198 - 212,ISSN Online: 2327-0012 ISSN Print: 2327-0039
Singh, Anil K. & Burhan, Muqbil Configuring Dynamic Capability Architecture for Understanding Changes International Journal of Strategic Change Management, Vol. 7 No. 2, 2018, pp 109 - 138, ISSN Online: 1740-2867 ISSN Print: 1740-2859
Zameer, Asif., Khan, Irfanullah & Burney, Mohd Tehseen Perceived Credibility of Private Universities Branding Under 'International' Tag International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews, Vol. 5, Special Issue, April 2018, pp 342-349, ISSN Online: 2348-1269 ISSN Print: 2349-5138
Joshi, Himanshu Does Introduction of Stock Options Impact Stock Volatility? Empirical Evidence from Underlying Stocks in Indian Market Theoretical Economics Letters,Vol. 8, 2018, pp 1803 - 1815,ISSN Online : 2162 - 2086ISSN Print: 2162 - 2078
Raina, Reeta & Marchewkab, Malgorzata Has Human Moment Lost its Popularity Among Digital Natives: Evidence From India Journals of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict Vol. 22 No. 1, 2018, pp 1 – 14, ISSN Online: 1939 – 4691 ISS
Majumdar, Bishakha., Basu, Sriparna & Jain, Shilpi Chanderiyaan: Weaving Digital Empowerment into the Indian Handloom Industry WDI Publishing, Case Study Reference No. 1-234-089, 2018
Madakam, Somayya., M. Holmukhe, & Tripathi, S Chapter Title "Rising of Yokohama, Keihanna, Kitakyushu, and Toyota Smart Cities in the Land of the Rising Sun" Zaigham Mahmood (eds.) in Smart Cities Development and Governance Frameworks, pp 243-262, 2018 Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.
Joshi, Himanshu Disinvestment and Firm Performance – A Comparative Analysis of Strategic Sale vs. Public Offerings by Indian Public Sector Enterprises Abhigyan Vol. 36 No. 1, April - June 2018,pp 21 – 30,ISSN: 0970-2385
Pandey, Piyush., Sehgal, Sanjay & Deisting, Florent Time Varying Integration Amongst the South Asia Equity Markets: An Empirical Study Cogent Economics & Finance, Vol 6 No.1, 2018, pp 1 – 26 ISSN: 2332 – 2039
Pandey, Piyush & Sehgal, Sanjay Dynamic Currency Linkages and Their Determinants: An Empirical Study for East Asian Economic Community Region Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Vol. 54 No. 7, 2018, pp 1538-1556, ISSN: 1540-496X, ISSN (online): 1558-0938

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