What is PGDM in Finance and Its Scope – FORE

Finance is the backbone of any business. From raising capital to allocating funds to profit planning, companies depend highly on financial management professionals for running a lucrative business. A Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) specialising in Finance enables students and professionals to be proficient in financial management and build a career in the sector. In today’s fast-paced business world, the next generation of professionals requires upskilling and perspectives on the global finance world. With some of the best colleges for PGDM Finance, such as FORE School of Management, offering a complementary International Immersion Programme, students gain exposure to international scenarios and global best practices in Finance, adding to their… Read More

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Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Analytics and Its Importance in The New Age

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the healthcare paradigm thrusting it toward accelerated digitisation. With an increase in remote healthcare and telehealth calls, analytics in the healthcare industry will soon be the future of enhancing quality and progressions. It is, therefore, necessary to dig deeper into what is healthcare analytics, the types of healthcare analytics in practice, and why healthcare analytics is important for the industry’s growth. What is Healthcare Analytics? In simple terms, Healthcare analytics refers to the collection and analysis of data in the healthcare sector that fosters development and the decision-making process through insights. These insights can range from diagnosis to treatments to efficiency of healthcare providers and give… Read More

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