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Working Papers 2013

Working Paper No. Title Authors Name
WP 2013/30 Natco v/s Bayer: India’s First Compulsory Licence Goutam,Savita
WP 2013/29 IFRS Impact - Borrowing Costs Gupta, Ambrish
WP 2013/28 Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Malaysian Companies: An Exploratory Study Taneja, Shallini
WP 2013/27 Post-liberalisation Bilateral Trade between India and Malaysia: Trends and Opportunities Srivastava, Ravikesh
WP 2013/26 Comparison of Public Transport Service Quality: Malaysia and India Sharma, Mohita Gangwar
WP 2013/25 Malaysia is Truly Asia……..says Malaysian Indians Tripathy, Anita Lal
WP 2013/24 Assessing the Malaysia’s Vulnerability to Financial Crises Joshi, Himanshu
WP 2013/23 Malaysian Education System: A Note Arora, Hitesh
WP 2013/22 An Insight into Malaysia’s Medical Tourism Industry Narula, Anupam
WP 2013/21 Women in Malaysian Society: The Continuing Struggle for Equality Buddhapriya, Sanghamitra
WP 2013/20 Socio-culture Makeup: Comparing India and Malaysia Kaur, Sumeet
WP 2013/19 India-Malaysia Bilateral Trade: Performance and Policies Bera, Subhasis
WP 2013/18 Understanding Malaysian Culture Jain, Neetu
WP 2013/17 Financial System of Malaysia– A Review Singh, Kanhaiya
WP 2013/16 Takaful (Islamic Insurance) in Malaysia: Cues for the Indian Insurance Industry Anand, Mohit
WP 2013/15 India and Malaysia: Seeking broad-based Engagement Ahmed, Faisal
WP 2013/14 Cultural Dimensions in Malaysian Brand Communications Swaminathan, Freda
WP 2013/13 Innovation Processes in the Emerging Indian Insurance Industry Anand, Mohit
WP 2013/12 The Uncommon Sense of Advertising – Understanding Contemporary Advertising Appeals in Print of Top Advertisers in India Swaminathan, Freda
WP 2013/11 An Exploratory Study of Listening Skills of Managers and Non-Managers within India, Malaysia, and United States Raina, Reeta
Roebuck, Deborah Britt 
Lee, Cheng Ean (Catherine)
WP 2013/10 Infrastructure Development in Malaysia: Lessons for India Zameer, Qazi Asif
WP 2013/09 Corporate Governance Reporting Requirements: Malaysia vs. India Gupta, Ambrish
WP 2013/08 Influence of Power Distance in Negotiations in India and Malaysia: Future Research Implications Bhatt, Prachi
WP 2013/07 Banking Systems in Malaysia and India Dutta, Vinay
WP 2013/06 Technological Determinants of Server Price:  A Cross Country Comparison across Vendors Bera, Subhasis
Apr. 2013 WP 34 Diversity Management Practices in Leading IT Firms in India: A Critical Analysis Buddhapriya, Sanghamitra
Apr. 2013 WP 33 Managing Quality Dimensions In ‘Servitised’ Business Sharma, Mohita Gangwar
Mar. 2013 WP 32 Indian Apparel Export Sector: Opportunities and Challenges Zameer, Qazi Asif
Jan. 2013 WP 31 Scenario of the Primary Capital Market in India :Present State,Future Outlook and Suggested Policy Reforms Gupta,Ambrish
Jan. 2013 WP 30 Integrating Risk Management to Personal Finanical Planning Life Cycle Dutta,Vinay

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