An Insight Into Big Data & Analytics Course

PGDM in Data Analytics

Big data and data analytics (BDA) have become some of the most in-demand skills today across industries. Companies are generating massive amounts of data and now need professionals who can analyze this data to drive business growth, optimize processes, and uncover patterns and actionable insights. This has led to a huge demand for big data courses that impart the required knowledge and training to aspiring data professionals. Let’s get an insight into what is a BDA course.

What is Covered in a Big Data Course?  

Big data analytics courses provide in-depth knowledge about how to derive value from massive volumes of data. Some key aspects covered include:

  • Introduction to Big Data: Understanding key concepts like definition, characteristics, types, sources and applications of big data across industries.
  • Skills Needed for Big Data Analytics: Learning various tools, techniques, algorithms, frameworks and programming languages like Python, R, SQL to organize, process, analyze and visualize complex structured, unstructured and semi-structured data.
  • Industry Applications: Exploring the application of big data analytics across sectors like government, healthcare, BFSI, education, media & entertainment, transportation and manufacturing.
  • Big Data Analytics Techniques: Mastering different analytics techniques like predictive modelling, data mining, and machine learning algorithms to drive insights and business values.
  • Developing Big Data Capabilities: Learning end-to-end big data capabilities around data collection, storage, processing, integration, visualization, interpretation and reporting to solve industry problems.
  • Big Data Analytics Tools: Getting hands-on experience working with popular big data tools like Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB, Cassandra etc. for storage, and distributed processing of massive datasets.

Why Pursue a PGDM in Data Analytics?

A Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics, commonly known as PGDM in Data Analytics, is an advanced course best suited for working professionals looking to transition into big data and analytics roles. The benefits of pursuing a PGDM in Data Analytics include:

  • Learn Industry-Aligned Curriculum: This course curriculum is designed based on the latest industry requirements to impart in-demand big data skills.
  • Gain Hands-on Experience: The program provides extensive lab sessions and capstone projects for hands-on experience in advanced data analytics.
  • Transition into Data Roles: The program equips you with expertise and skills to enable smooth career transitions into analytics and data science roles.
  • Flexible Learning Options: Options are available to pursue a PGDM in Data Analytics through online and part-time programs, suitable for working executives.

With massive growth expected in big data and analytics jobs over the next decade, pursuing a data analytics course will be an extremely valuable investment for driving career growth and exploiting big data opportunities across sectors.


Big data analytics is a highly promising field with applications across every industry you can think of. A specialized course in big data and analytics from the FORE School of Management helps build a solid foundation on big data concepts, tools and techniques while also providing ample room for hands-on learning. Whether you wish to acquire in-demand skills or transition into data-driven roles, a PGDM in Data Analytics is the best way to become big data-ready. With the exponential growth in data, your skills in harnessing the intelligence from data will take you miles ahead in your career.

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