PGDM in Marketing: A detailed overview

Nowadays, opting for a post-graduate course is not just an option, but rather a mandate to foresee a successful career. With so many PGDM specializations available, it becomes truly difficult to choose for the aspirants. Although every field embraces its pluses, marketing specifically takes over as the leading preference for the candidates. Marketing is a vast domain wherein a person gets to explore his capabilities while learning and growing in the field. The responsibilities of a marketing manager don’t just stay restricted to introducing the product or selling a service, or strategizing and increasing the brand visibility but it enables a person to upscale a brand to newer heights by increasing sales, retaining customer faith and creating a brand repute in the market. Most employers prefer to hire professionals with an MBA or PGDM in marketing,wherein Marketing could be the core subject for specialization or as majors in their dual specialization course.

Why PGDM in Marketing?

Postgraduate diploma in management or PGDM is a full-time master’s course, having a duration of 2 years that involves gaining in-depth knowledge & understanding of the product marketing, brand building and creating effective marketing campaigns. One is exposed to current marketing trends and the prominence of marketing in the modern business world. Subjects taught in marketing helps in understanding the customers and their needs, one learns to formulate tailored strategies by gaining the required expertise of the domain and getting the sense of what target audience seeks. Once you have a solid understanding of who your audience is, you will know what sort of products they will respond the most to. Management in marketing also covers retail, merchandising, marketing communications, services marketing, international marketing, rural marketing and much more. If you opt for marketing, you indirectly choose to be a core contributor to the profitability of the business as well as a major influencer in creating a brand repute. Gaining real-life experience through internships makes it easier to get pre-placement offers from companies since they don’t have to worry about training inexperienced people.

Popular Career Opportunities offered by PGDM in Marketing

To give you an idea about jobs you can pursue, here is a list of various job titles in the marketing segment: Marketing Manager, Communications Manager, Public Relations Specialist, Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Market Research Analyst, Digital Marketing Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist, Market Research Analyst, Advertising Manager, Media Buyer, Meeting, Convention and Event Planners, Chief Marketing Officer, Promotions Manager, Sports Marketing Account Executive, etc.

Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager

  • Developing and executing marketing strategies and campaigns, well accustomed to consumer needs.
  • Staying updated with the latest market trends and keeping a closer check on strategies implemented by competitors.
  • Creating narrative campaigns for the brand that people can connect with and coordinate with various marketing sources to ensure achieving the planned.
  • Managing continuous engagement with the target audience to keep enhancing brand visibility.
  • Syncing with other departments to attain the goals.
  • Preparing and presenting competitive presentations.
  • Achieving and improving sales by taking continuous feedback on campaigns
  • Following budgeting constrains and initiating promotional activities
  • Keeping the track of company ROI and timely updating strategies to stay relevant to the current trends

This Master’s course in Marketing grooms a person into a thorough professional, who is ready to innovate and bring significant change for the betterment of the company. Other competitive PGDM in bankingcourses, finance or HR don’t account for so much exposure to the outside business world, where one gets to interact invariably and connect deeply with the audience.