How to Choose Best College from CAT Score

If you have aspired for a corporate career then we don’t have to remind you of the significance of CAT. You have given the crucial entrance exam your best shot and your efforts have borne results. Now it’s time to optimize those results to ensure that you get admitted to top B Schools in the country, which will lead you to corporate careers you have dreamed of. That’s why the decision of choosing from many CAT Accepting Colleges is of great importance.

Top IIMs in the country have held their attraction amongst management aspirants and with good reason too. However, several other best Colleges are Accepting CAT Score, which can give your careers the cutting edge advantage. Some of these B Schools will offer you unique management programs with specializations and courses that are best suited to your interests and goals. Here are a few steps you can take to make the discerning choice.

  • First things first, make a list of Top Colleges under CAT in the country. You might then want to narrow down the search based on the geographical locations of your choice. Here we would like to mention that B Schools incorporate hubs like Delhi NCR region have an intrinsic strategic advantage that you can benefit from.
  • Consider the programs that are being offered by these Top Colleges through CAT. For example, FORE School of Management, New Delhi offers PGDM in International Business as well as Financial Management along with its flagship PGDM program. These programs are ideal for those who aspire for careers in certain industry sectors.
  • These renowned B Schools in the country will have their cut off scores for the selection process. FORE School of Management CAT Cut Off for admissions 2020 for the PGDM program is 85.50. It is 78.50 for PGDM-IB and 75 for PGDM-FM. Pay attention to the cut off marks to focus your efforts on B Schools you are eligible for.
  • Based on your excellent results you are going to have several Top MBA Colleges Accepting CAT Score to choose from. The decision cannot be made based only on the advice of family and friends. You have to conduct your research about these B Schools. Speaking to students on campus and alumni is generally a good practice.
  • Best management institutes in the country will also welcome you to visit their campuses and check out the amenities and infrastructure. Grab the opportunity to get a good idea about the classrooms, libraries, sporting facilities, and the overall campus culture to decide whether you would like to spend your next two years at the B School.
  • Strong faculty teams with academic and industry experience are the backbone of the learning environment at the B Schools. You will also notice that top management institutes facilitate several platforms like guest lectures and conferences to help students get insights from industry experts, entrepreneurs, and leading professionals.
  • Finally, your B School years are not only going to groom you professionally but shape your personality as well. It’s possible through numerous extracurricular activities that you get a chance to be a part of. Try and get to know more about different student clubs and their activities on campus to help you with your decision.

We haven’t mentioned the placement record of B Schools because it’s something you are bound to consider. But rather than a quick look at numbers, go through the placement report, its trends, etc. to choose the college that will do justice to your CAT efforts and help you realize your true potential.