Learning the FORE way with IIP.

Each year thousands of MBA aspirants take admission into different MBA programs around the country with a common goal of securing the right future for them. Every year 1000 such candidates are hired by the companies to bring value to the table. The sole difference that binds the future of a good MBA pass out and an average one lies in the quality of what he brings to the table and not the quantity. The quality is not predefined but a cumbersome process of what a candidate learns in the 2 years of his MBA. Different colleges and universities have different ways of imparting this knowledge but at FORE School of Management, things are a little different. We believe in making managers for the future. It is believed that education cannot be gained but experienced. The umbra of this thought is the unique IIP experience here at FORE.

IIP is a 6 day immersion program organized by the management of FORE in accordance with the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Students for all the batches in 1st year of their post graduation get a chance to visit the Nanyang campus and explore the possibilities of learning. The students not only get a chance to learn but also interact with best in the industry tutors and faculties.

This is a one of its kind learning experience where the solo aim of the management is to get the students well versed with the latest technologies and practices in the field of marketing, finance, HR, operations, IT & Strategy.

Being a part of this program recently was a thing of honor for me and my peers. Not only this, we even got a chance to meet the industry experts at the firm called DATA ROBOT. We were taught how analytics and big data are shaping up the digital dance and why analytics is the next big thing.

Learning has been an integral part of FORE’s curriculum since day 1 but immersion programs like these are necessary to implant a sense of teamwork, comprehensiveness and wiser thinking into the students.

Activities like these not only make students industry ready but also immunes them from the complexities of the upcoming disruptions in the sectors. The education industry today is going through a change and this change will define the future of education hubs. Who knows, maybe in the next 10 years the schools and universities will be taking lectures through VRs.

Today’s competitive environment demands that we allow learners to assemble their own modular learning pathways rather than requiring them to rely on bundled certificates, diplomas, or degrees curated by educational institutions. At FORE we believe that digital’s potential in the education and training sector is more far-reaching, and points to a transition to a digital lifelong learning and training ecosystem.

A survey by oxford university showed that students who are involved in outside campus learning activities are more competitive, have better networking skills, are more active in lectures and engage with work in a more efficient way. FORE tends to bridge this gap through their best in class immersion program. Learn. Leap. Lead has been in the core of FORE’s curriculum and it will continue to pave the way for future managers here at FORE.