10 Ways to Enhance Your Presentation Skills

Time and again we have seen that all great leaders take the simplest of ideas and make them resonate with people through an effective presentation. That’s the power of Effective Presentation Skills, which are expected of future leaders and managers. They are a part of the job for managers, who need to present their ideas in different situations, practically every day.

As a corporate professional you will need to have strong Presentation Skills to:

  • Convey your ideas to teams and staff, as well as your clients.
  • To speak at internal meetings with your superiors.
  • At industry conferences and seminars where you represent your organizations.
  • At interviews; when you are being interviewed or are in the interviewer’s chair.
  • During training for your teams, employees etc.

A study conducted by Gallup revealed that around 40% of people fear to speak in public. It’s also true of many managers, who you would expect to possess the requisite skills. But the good news is that Effective Presentation Skills can be learned and imbibed. And for management hopefuls, this training happens at B Schools through numerous presentations regularly.

Here are 10 ways in which you can perk up your Presentation Skills:

  1. Understanding your audience is an important aspect of an effective presentation. It gives you an idea about the expectations of the gathering, which can then be met by your presentation.
  2. Attend other presentations and learn from them. B Schools like FORE School of Management, New Delhi offer several opportunities for students to not only present themselves but assess presentations of their peers to get valuable insights.
  3. Planning is crucial to strong presentations. Once you have put together the information you want to share with the audience, take time to absorb it. Then work on the structure that is best suited for your audience.
  4. Your Presentation Skills will not help you much if the material you have chosen flounders. In most instances, you will have a certain amount of time to make your presentation. Only cover information that is useful for the gathering.
  5. Practice makes presenters perfect or at least takes you close to perfection. B School students are put through the paces and get solid presentation practice under their belt. You can also practice your presentations with friends or in front of the mirror.
  6. You could be talking about the most abstract topic in the world; you can still find a tangible element that the audience can relate to. Try and offer them actual takeaways, which they can ponder upon and implement.
  7. Arriving on time for your presentation is important for two reasons – it makes the right impression with the audience, and it also gives you the time to adjust to your surroundings. It helps you use the space effectively during your presentation.
  8. Make sure you are equipped with everything you need for the presentation. Your presentation slides, marker pens, notes should be organized thoughtfully. Many speakers have fumbled because of a lack of organization and struggled with their presentations.
  9. It’s okay to be nervous; even the most seasoned speakers are. You can learn to devise a strategy to transform that nervous energy into enthusiasm. And enthusiastic speeches are always a hit with the audience.
  10. Finally, Effective Presentation Skills also depend on how you engage with the audience. Greet them, work on a relaxed body language, smile when you can, and add humor to your presentation if possible. You don’t have to know the answers to all their questions.

If you aspire for a corporate career then you are going to need these skills in the long run. Renowned B Schools in the country focus on them as much as hard management skills. FORE School of Management, New Delhi has organized ‘Effective Communication and Presentation Skills’ MDPs and other conferences on the topic. They are immensely helpful in imbibing and enhancing these skills that are essential for managers of tomorrow.