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Collection of Diploma/ Marksheet

a) Student who is eligible to get the Diploma from the Institution, barring any administrative issue pending with FSM, shall be conferred to her/him during the Convocation Ceremony or s/he can collect it in person afterwards in case of absentia

b) A person who is in the blood relation to the student can only get the Diploma and/or Marksheets on behalf of the student after providing the authorization letter and proof of identity.

c) If a student wants to collect the Diploma and/or Marksheets through anyone other than the blood relation on her/his behalf, then the student need to submit an indemnity bond in this regard.

d) For request within India: In case a student wants to get the Diploma and/or Marksheets through post/courier then s/he can get it at their address by payment of Courier Charges of Rs.500 (within India).

e) For request outside India: The exact amount will be communicated to the student after consulting the Courier Services.

f) If the students fail to collect their diploma-certificates / mark-sheets, six months after the announcement to collect the same from the academic office, the students should be charged Rs. 2,000/- per document.

Note: In case of point number d) and e), the student has to give in writing that the Institute will not be held responsible for the loss and/or damage of the Diploma and/or Marksheets during the transit process.

In all scenarios, prior information needs to be shared with the Academics Office, email id:

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