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Corporate Interaction Division

About Corporate Interaction Division

Corporate Interaction Division (CID), is an industry facing committee in FORE School of Management. It acts as an important connection between academia and industry. CID routinely organises interaction sessions for the student fraternity. These range from solo-speaker seminars, panel discussions, guidance sessions, and more. The motivating aim of the committee is to ensure that the student body has a constant pulse on the dynamic corporate environment. CID conducts cross-specialisation events that cater to the various specializations FORE offers as well as the individual career aspirations of its student body.

Event Description

Anubhuti, a forum in which senior corporate professionals and leaders of different domains and verticals share their practical business experiences with the students. The sole objective of these interactive sessions is to bring the students as close as possible to the ground reality, which would prepare them better to face the world that awaits them.

The Marketing, International Business, Finance, IT, HR and Operations Conclaves are held annually through the academic calendar. The aim is to collaborate with corporate leaders of respective domains and to open doors for healthy discussions on themes, which are reckoned keeping in mind the-real world scenarios and business requirements, which not only help students enhance their knowledge across all the management domains but also give them an insight into the plethora of opportunities and challenges that await them in future.

Corporate Buzz, a five-day industry-academia interaction session, is a vertical conclave. Renowned corporate leaders share their first-hand experiences in the industry. The motive of these sessions is to give something more than just the curricular text-books, bring practical exposure and to bring the students as close as possible to the ground reality which would prepare them better to face the world that awaits them.

Kurukshetra, The Management Battlefield, held during Genesis, is a National level event between students of various B-Schools. A real-world problem is given to the students and they are expected to bring out their most creative and unique solutions for the same. The competition provides students with an opportunity to pitch their ideas to the top management executives from various corporate giants.

LIFE: Learn It From Experts - The Mentorship Programme, is a virtual one-on-one career counselling session that helps students gain from the wisdom of industry stalwarts. Through these healthy one-to-one discussions, students are able to clear their qualms and reservations about a plethora of matters such as about their specializations, the importance of B-School competitions, live projects, corporate internships, how to efficiently balance academic & non-academic rigour, the relevance of subjects in the corporate arena and so on.

The Preamble, is a debate organised to celebrate an important milestone in Indian history, the Constitution Day. As the future leaders of the country, it is important to understand and discuss issues pertaining to the political and social fabric of its people. For management students, it is equally important to be aware of their constitutional rights and duties and be capable of expressing themselves effectively. Business environments today require business leaders to be highly adaptable to change and align themselves with the events around them. A slight step away from the typical technical skills taught in B-school, this debate was initiated to hone the oratory and communicational skills of the students.

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Team CID :

  • Shruti Agarwal (Coordinator)

  • Paarth Khursija (Co-Coordinator)

  • Akshay Sharma (Member)

  • Aashita Amar (Member)

  • Pallavi Lahiri (Member)

  • Abhishek (Member)

  • Muskan (Member)

Events and Activities Reports :

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