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SIG - Sankalp

Special Interest Group-संकल्प is a student-driven group of FORE and one of its kind that is determined to promote the Hindi language in the field of management and leadership without undermining the importance of any other language. Communication is one of the most important aspects of management and is of utmost priority for anyone who wants to climb the corporate ladder. To many, this communication is restricted to a few languages like English and doesn’t take into consideration other important regional languages of our country, especially Hindi. In India there are over 500 million people who speak Hindi, primarily spanning across nine states. Businesses planning to enhance their personalization with their target groups must be aiming to adapt their communication processes in Hindi.

We are a team of highly motivated and passionate students, from different academic backgrounds, aiming to bridge the gap between people, a language, and a rich culture associated with it. We are doing this by making management concepts available in the Hindi language through competitions, seminars, and constructive and fun events.

“वसुधा का नेता कौन हुआ?
भूखण्ड-विजेता कौन हुआ?
अतुलित यश क्रेता कौन हुआ?
नव-धर्म प्रणेता कौन हुआ?
जिसने न कभी आराम किया,
विघ्नों में रहकर नाम किया।”

- रामधारी सिंह दिनकर

To know more about us, visit: Instagram Link: SIG-संकल्प

Professor in Charge:

Prof. Vinaytosh Mishra

Team Members:

  • Kumar Shanu (Coordinator)

  • Pranav Arora (Co-Coordinator)

  • Akarsh Kumar Pandey (Co-Coordinator)


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