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Life Outside Campus

FORE School of Management is located in the heart of South Delhi in the Qutab Institutional Area. With Management institutes like IIFT and IMI in the vicinity, the entire area buzzes with intellect and cognitive joy. But, it's not all books and laptops around FORE; one just can not undermine the key role that the dhabas play in the life of a management grad. Many a great ideas have taken shape while paranthas were cherished. Many a times FORE Alumni can be seen romping around with fellow batch mates and delighting over their favorite masala coke and chai at the Dhaba while others would be busy sharing jokes and experiences with the cooks at the Dhaba.It's a perfect example of life enjoyed in nostalgia that brings back not the regret of having grown up but the euphoria of having grown up and still being able to relate and feel a part of that same culture out of which they grew to differentiate and make realistic changes in the world outside.

Sanjayvan, a photographer's delight as it should be best called,has had its share of importance in the life of not just a FOREian but everybody who visits this area which is unforgettable as it offers a lot of good food and sitting place to re-evaluate, re-discover life which was once lived out of youthful exuberance. Sanjayvan is also a gateway to the much admired monument of Delhi Qutub Minar. So all those people who on a sudden impulse feel that their creative instinct can only shape up by being in the historical arena can escape their way to the monument in no time through the forests of Sanjayvan.

With all this in just one place, FORE surely is a favourite location for all the intellect searching minds.

Executive Education/MDPs

FORE School of Management has been designing, developing and conducting innovative Executive Education (EE)/ Management Development Programmes (MDPs) for working executives in India for over three decades.