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Think Tank

Description- Think Tank- The Business Competitions' Committee, is one of the core student committees at FORE School of Management which organises corporate sponsored and other business events in the form of multi-domain quizzes, case study competitions and simulations. The aim of the committee is to provide a platform for students to gain first-hand experience in solving business problems and harness initiatives that enable them to assimilate their learning into practical application and seek implementable, yet, innovative solutions.

Collaborations with industry experts to judge the competitions where the fastest and the smartest brains across the nation try to solve real world business problems, allow a comprehensive assessment of the understanding of the strategic management principles. As the team says - Grey Matters!

  • 1.
    Addict- An event to welcome the new batch of FORE in the world of B-School. It tests the knowledge of the participants about the branding and marketing world and gives them a platform to showcase their creative zing in Marketing products and services.
  • 2.
    Tathagat- The Annual Strategy Event of FORE School of Management- Tathagat is a case-based event that will impel you to ponder, perceive and perform. Put on your corporate hats and gauge the current market scenario of a particular industry, analyse trends, identify problems and give solutions.
  • 3.
    The Amazing Race- The Amazing Race is the highlight of the Annual Fest of FORE, Genesis. An event packed with fun, creativity, intellect and strategy. It’s a treasure-hunt event with a different theme every year crafted by dint of clues.
  • 4.
    Corporate Buddha- Another major event of Genesis, Corporate Buddha gauges the business acumen and strategic skills of participants across various domains- from logical thinking to business ethics, and the ability to analyse economic, financial and market scenarios to find new opportunities and take them to greater heights through the analysis of a case study.
  • 5.
    Finish Line- A holistic financial B- plan competition that rigorously tests the expertise, prudence, and decision-making capabilities on dynamic situations, urging participants to make wise decisions spontaneously through multiple rounds involving Financial Concepts and Investment Scenarios.
  • 6.
    Quizzark- The battle of all Sections of FORE! Quizzark is a combination of Challenging Quizzes and fun activities. All students of the first-year compete as Class Teams to win the prestigious Trophy of the Best Section of FORE.
  • 7.
    Add-jective- Add-jective is a competition that gives the participants an opportunity to test their theoretical knowledge with a unique task through a multi-domain quiz followed by performing a practical task in a managerial context. It is an event that tests the participant's finesse, speed and knowledge across multiple domains of management.

Team Think Tank Members :

  • Ayushi Roy (Coordinator)

  • Arushi Jain (Co-coordinator)

  • José Royal Sami (Member)

  • Kriti Sharma (Member)

  • Rishabh Aggarwal (Member)

  • Srishti Maheshwari (Member)


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