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Think Tank

About the Team:

Think Tank- The Business Competitions' Committee, is one of the core student committees at FORE School of Management which organizes corporate-sponsored and other business events in the form of multi-domain quizzes, case study competitions and simulations. The committee aims to provide a platform for students to gain first-hand experience in solving business problems and harness initiatives that enable them to assimilate their learning into practical application and seek implementable, yet innovative solutions.

Event Description:

  • 1.
    Addict- An event to welcome the new batch of FORE in the world of a B-School. It tests the knowledge of the participants about the advertising world and gives them a platform to showcase their creative zing in Marketing products and services.
  • 2.
    Tathagat- A case-based event that gives you a chance to put on your strategic hat and gauge the current market scenario of a particular industry, analyze trends, identify problems and give solutions.
  • 3.
    The Amazing Race- The Amazing Race is the highlight of the Annual Fest of FORE, Genesis. An event packed with fun, creativity, intellect and strategy.
  • 4.
    Corporate Buddha- Another major event of Genesis, Corporate Buddha tests the acquired skills across various domains- from logical thinking to business ethics, and the ability to analyze economic, financial and market scenarios to find new opportunities and take them to new heights.
  • 5.
    Add-jective- A fun event focused on pushing management aspirants to think out of the box by putting them in a situation to put their theoretical knowledge to application in an alternate universe.
  • 6.
    Finish Line- A competition to gauge the financial knowledge, management acumen and decision-making ability of students through multiple rounds involving Financial Concepts and Investment Scenarios.
  • 7.
    Quizzark- The battle of all Sections of FORE! Quizzark is a combination of Challenging Quizzes and fun activities. All students of the first-year compete as Class Teams to win the prestigious Trophy of the Best Section of FORE.

Event Gallery :

Team Think Tank Members :

  • Navya Mangla (Coordinator)

  • Ritika Kapoor (Co-Coordinator)

  • Hardik Gupta (Member)

  • Raghav Maheshwari (Member)

  • Tamish Gupta (Member)

  • Shriya Mathur (Member)

Events and Activities Reports :

Think Tank Events and Activities Report AY 2021-22

Think Tank Events and Activities Report AY 2020-21

Think Tank Events and Activities Report AY 2019-20


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