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Nexus , the brilliant orchestrator of unforgettable moments, stands tall as the mastermind behind the grand Annual Corporate-Cultural Fest "Genesis" for FORE and a multitude of other illustrious cultural events. The essence of it is to provide a platform to FOREians to showcase their cultural, creative and ingenious personas and thus allowing them to explore every aspect of their journey towards becoming future leaders. The committee aims to push the competitive as well as imaginative limits of the students to help them grow in the management corridors of a B-school.

Nexus is responsible for organising other cultural events as well being Independence Day, Freshers, Farewell, Dandiya Night and many more. Each meticulously curated event is a testament to their impeccable artistry, as they seamlessly blend corporate sophistication with the vibrant hues of artistic expression.

Some of the events organized by the team are as follows :

  • Freshers - : A warm welcome is extended to the new batch through a Freshers’ party. A number of fun and engaging activities like KYP (Know your Peers) and KYS (Know your Seniors) are also organized throughout the event where in the new batch showcases their talents. The prestigious title of Mr. and Ms. Fresher is also awarded to the top performers.
  • Independence Day - : Upholding the pride of our country, Independence day is celebrated with utmost dignity and honor to celebrate the day of India’s independence and also commemorate the valor of our freedom fighters who fought for our nation.
  • Dandiya Night - : The Dandiya Night is a vibrant celebration showcasing the traditional Indian dance and music of Dandiya. With colorful decorations and enthusiastic participants dressed in traditional attire, the event creates a festive atmosphere, making it a memorable cultural experience that bring the students together.
  • Genesis - : Genesis is the flagship event of our institution showcasing the cultural and corporate wings of the students. A number of events are hosted during this two-day grandeur by various committees wherein participants come together from a number of B-schools and become a part of the festival.
  • Farewell - : Hosted by the junior team, the farewell party is held to bid adieu to the outgoing batch of the institution. It is an eventful celebration with a number of activities along with the titles of Mr. and Ms. FORE given to the top performers.

Event Gallery :

Team Nexus :

  • Samarth Vats (Coordinator)

  • Vikhyat Gandhi (Co-Coordinator)

  • Aakriti Pathania (Senior Member)

  • Itish Negi (Senior Member)

  • Manav Satija (Senior Member)

  • Surbhi Sharma (Senior Member)

  • Tanishq Batra (Senior Member)

  • Vandita Arora (Senior Member)

  • Venu Gopal Arora (Senior Member)

  • Vidhi Goel (Senior Member)

Events and Activities Reports :

Nexus Events and Activities Report AY 2022-23

Nexus Events and Activities Report AY 2021-22

Nexus Events and Activities Report AY 2020-21

Nexus Events and Activities Report AY 2019-20

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