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FORE Economy and Finance Forum FEFF

FORE Economy & Finance Forum (FEFF) ) is a Special Interest Group (SIG) formed by the students of FORE. It aims to evoke interest, provide knowledge and inform the students about happenings in the world of economy and finance. The society strives to prepare students for the looming challenges that await young business professionals entering the world of finance. We create awareness amongst students by keeping them informed about the financial happenings across the world through various events which simultaneously them gaining an upper hand in the particular field. The committee also releases weekly articles, news analyses, infographics, and union budget updates.

Some of the events organized by the team are as follows:

  • Arthashastra - Arthashastra is a series of webinars/seminars organized by the committee that aims to provide insights and information on a topic related to the field of Finance by the industry leaders.
  • War-room - War-room is a strategy simulation event that is hosted during Genesis (Annual Fest of FORE) wherein teams need to use their strategic and analytical thinking to battle the war and become the ultimate conqueror.
  • Sampatti - It is an inter-college Portfolio Management competition in which teams are given sets of equity shares and IPOs to bid for and they have to use their valuation skills. The challenge is to maximize the portfolio but remember, there is news flashing too.
  • FinSight- A case event - An inter-college case study event wherein you are put into a corporate field and you have to use your best of the knowledge to provide your company with the solution to the Merger & acquisition problem. The best team in the eyes of the judges takes the crown.
  • Finance Workshop - It is a one-day workshop organized to provide in-depth knowledge and practical experience on tools used in the field of Finance by the industry leaders.

Event Gallery :

Team Members:

  • Bhavuk Anand (Coordinator)

  • Soumya Kapoor (Co-Coordinator)

  • Gaurav Garg (Senior Member)

  • Mahak Bansal (Senior Member)

  • Ross Robertson (Senior Member)

  • Vasu Chhabra (Senior Member)

Events and Activities Reports :

FORE Economy and Finance Forum Events and Activities Report AY 2022-23

FORE Economy and Finance Forum Events and Activities Report AY 2021-22

FORE Economy and Finance Forum Events and Activities Report AY 2020-21

FORE Economy and Finance Forum Events and Activities Report AY 2019-20

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