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Faculty Publication 2021

Author's Name Article Title Publications Details
Kumar, Alok & Sudeep, S. Impact of Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction in e-commerce among Indian Consumers: an empirical study International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, Volume 24, Issue 1, PP-81-102, 2021
Ahmed, Faisal Chapter Title “China’s Growing Engagement in South Asia: Indian Perspectives”2021. Crossing the Himalayas, Buddhist Ties, Regional Integration and Great-Power Rivalry, Nian Peng, Ghulam Ali, Yi Zhang, Pages 59-76, Book ISBN-978-981-16-5807-5, Routledge Publication
Das, J.K &. Arora, Hitesh Book “Decoding the Indonesian Archipelago Views” 2021. Book, Pages 161, ISBN: 978-93-89714-16-6, Bloomsbury Publication.
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Mishra, Vinaytosh Chapter Title “Framework for the Adoption of Healthcare 4.0 – An ISM Approach” 2022 Edited Book Vikram Bali, Vishal Bhatnagar, Sapna Sinha, Prashant Johri, Disruptive Technologies for Society 5.0: Exploration of New Ideas, Techniques, and Tools, Pages 235-247, Book ISBN-978-0-367-24078 CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group Publication
Ahmed, Faisal Chapter Title “Business Diplomacy and Lobbying during Pandemic" 2022 Edited Book Vikas Kumar & Gaurav Gupta, Strategic Management During a Pandemic, Pages 31-58, Book Routledge Publication, ISBN-978-0-367-64647-9
Dr. N. D. Vohra & Dr. Hitesh Arora Book "Quantitative Techniques in Management", 6ed., 2022 Edited Book, Pages 832, ISBN: 978-93-5460-083-8, McGraw-Hill Publication
Dr. Jitendra K.Das, Shallini Taneja and Hitesh Arora Book “Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development”, 2021 Book, Pages 251, ISBN: 978-1-032-18954-3, Routledge Publication
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Sekhar, Chandra & Raina, Reeta Towards more sustainable future : assessment of sustainability literacy the future managers in India Environment, Development and Sustainability, Vol. 23, No. 11, pp. 15830-15856, 2021
Sharma G. Mohita & Sharma, S.M. Causal system scenario tool for near miss accident analysis IIM Kozhikode Society and Management Review, Doi:10.1177/22779752211015521
Pandey, Ashutosh & Kulshrestha, Ruchika Chapter Title “ Sustainability of tourism after the SARS pandemic : Revisiting the past experiences” 2021 Edited Book Kulshrestha, Sharad KumarVirus Outbreaks and Tourism Mobility, Pages 75-94, Book ISBN-978-1-80071-335-2 Emerald Publication
Prof. Vinaytosh Mishra & Prof. Mohita G. Sharma Telemedicine as frugal intervention to health care: A case of diabetes management International Journal of Healthcare Management, 2021
Prof. Vinaytosh Mishra & Prof. Mohita G. Sharma Framework for Promotion of Medical Tourism: A Case of India International Journal of Global Business and Competitiveness, 2021
Prof. Ambrish Gupta Nestle India Ltd: Assessment of Financial Impact of Related Party Transactions on the Reporting Entity Case Centre, 121-0076-1, 2021
Prof. Vandana Gupta Evaluating the Credit Quality of NHPC with EIIF Analysis Case Centre, 121-0081-1, 2021
Prof. Mohita Gangwar Sharma Supply Chain, Geographical Indicator and Blockchain: Provenance Model for Commodity International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management,, 2021
Prof. Faisal Ahmed Deciphering the motives, barriers and integration of Syrian refugee entrepreneurs into Turkish society: a SEM approach Digital Policy, Regulation and Governance, Volume 23, Issue 1, pp.59-76, 2021
Prof. Prachi Bhatt & Prof. Sanghamitra Buddhapriya Intrinsic motivational potential and its effect on academic performance, life-satisfaction and procrastination: a study of MBA students International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, Vol.22, No.4, 2021
Prof. Ambrish Gupta Reliance Industries Limited: Impact of COVID-19 on the Financial Statements Case Centre, 121-0051-8, 2021
Prof. Somayya Madakam Social Media/Networking: Applications, Technologies, Theories JISTEM Journal of Information System Technology Management, Vol.18, 2021
Prof. Somayya Madakam Chapter Title “Software Engineering Analytics—The Need of Post COVID-19 Business: An Academic Review” 2021 Edited Book Srikanta Patnaik, Kayhan Tajeddini & Vipul Jain, Computational Management, Pages 231-251, Book ISBN-978-3-030-72928-8 Springer Publication
Prof. Alok Kumar Chapter Title “ Supply Chain Scheduling Using an EOQ Model for a Two-Stage Trade Credit Financing with Dynamic Demand ” 2021 Edited Book Srikanta Patnaik, Kayhan Tajeddini & Vipul Jain, Computational Management, Pages 219-230, Book ISBN-978-3-030-72928-8 Springer Publication
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Kapoor, P.S. and Singhal, V. Perceived vulnerability to COVID-19, dispositional optimism and intention to adopt preventive health behaviour: an experiment with anti-smoking advertising Journal of Social Marketing, Vol. 11 No. 2, pp. 124-147, 2021
Kapoor, P.S. & Madan, Simram Kaur Study of Consumer Brand Following Intention on Instagram: Applying the Uses and Gratification Theory International Journal of Online Marketing Volume 11 • Issue 2 • April-June 2021
Kapoor, P.S., Balaji, M.S. & Jiyng, Yangyang Effectiveness of sustainability communication on social media: role of message appeal and message source International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Vol. 33 No. 3, pp. 949-972.

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